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Monday, 08 June 2009 09:52 Written by Tony Herman

Just FYI... our host, Rackspace, is going to do a kernel update to both servers this Saturday morning. They will need to reboot both servers:

The kernel is the heart of the operating system and is periodically updated with security and bug fixes.  You may want to update your kernel to the latest one.

A kernel update requires a server reboot, so it is a good idea to schedule the kernel update during a period of low server activity.  Let us know if you would like to schedule a kernel update at a particular date and time.  If you would like to schedule it at a certain date and time be sure to provide your timezone so we can schedule accordingly.


Web1 and web2 have been scheduled to have kernel updates applied. Web2 will be updated and rebooted. Once this server is back up we will proceed with web1. This has been scheduled to take place on 06/13/2009 01:00AM-01:30AM CDT.

We don't anticipate anything going wrong - we've done these before. Each server will be unavailable for a short amount of time.


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