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The Webstix Advantage

PHP ProgrammingOur Experience is Your Gain!

Did you know that your website has to grab your visitor's attention in just a few seconds?

We know that a few seconds isn't a lot of time to make an impression, which is why we work with you to ensure that your visitors make the right decisions. How do we do this and keep our costs competitive?

One of the many advantages to working with Webstix is that you are a part of our streamlined process. Each milestone in your project offers you the chance to approve what we've done before we move forward. This process saves you time and money because we ensure that you get exactly what you want to fit your budget.

Step One: Consultation

First, we consult with you to determine what you are looking for and what your budget for the project is. During this time, we will offer immediate feedback based on your needs and our expertise in the area of web analytics, usability and search engine optimization.

After the consultation, we brainstorm internally and send a project proposal that will offer a breakdown of our services, hours and cost.

Step Two: Project Planning and Design

Once the agreement is signed, we get to work.

For projects not related to web design, we finalize a plan based on the proposal we sent to you. If you aren't looking for a brand new design, we will begin setting your website up in a staging area in the next step.

If you are looking for a brand new design for your website, our team will first offer you what we call "wire frame" designs before we proceed. These wire frames show, in no great detail, the layout of the home page. It shows where everything will go without any design applied to it. This helps us make sure we have all the elements you want and have them in the right place without design getting in the way. A more detailed wire frame design is then created.

You will then receive a link to the custom website design we've created. You will be able to share it with collegues and friends if you want. We then work with you to tweak it into a final design. This is done for the inside page design as well.

After you approve the final design you want, we will then begin planning for your new site and incorporate any added functionality you might need.

Step Three: Programming

In this step, we start the first stage of production and create a copy of your website on a staging server for you to review. You will be able to see what progress we've made when you have the time. By offering our clients access to their websites in this way, we have seen a dramatic increase in customer satisfaction.

Once your site is up and running in our staging environment, we begin testing and proofing your website.

Step Four: Testing

When the first version of your website is ready, you will be asked to proof it and request changes. We then put your changes into effect and keep making changes until you are completely satisfied. During this process, we also rigorously test the code and proofread for errors on our end.

You are also now able to login and add more content or make any changes you want. We'll give you training and have some online training resources available as well. Changes and edits to content will continue to be made until the website is ready for launch.

Step Five: Launch

As soon as we have your final approval, we will launch your new or updated website according to the timeline on the proposal.

We work with you to make sure there are no errors.

Step Six: Post-Launch

After your website has launched, you're all set to add more content to it. We're there to help you in the future with anything you might need from SEO assistance, to regular maintenance or even more website enhancements.

In addition to website maintenance, we also keep tabs on the latest developments in web technology and search engine optimization. From there, we may suggest changes to ensure your website is competitive on the ever-changing landscape of the Internet.

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Your business deserves all the advantages and talent that Webstix can provide. As our client, you'll discover that our quality of service, creativity and expertise is as impressive as our pricing. By developing a relationship with us, you will achieve your website's goals in a cost-effective way that doesn't sacrifice quality.

Find out how the Webstix Advantage will work for your business. Contact us today!

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