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“When Do Websites REALLY
Need a Redesign?”

Find out right here, and see if your current website needs a redesign or just a tune-up…

Let’s See How Your Website Scores…

Give yourself 10 points for every item below that is true:


It was created in the last 3 years:


It loads in under 2 seconds:


It works fine on all devices and major browsers:


It’s ADA compliant:


You’re using a CDN to help against attacks:


You update all software (plugins, etc.) weekly:


You add a high quality blog post weekly:


You do guest blogging / social networking weekly:


You check and fix your Google Search Console errors weekly:


You have set up schema for better voice search rankings:

Scoring Guide:

90-100 You rock!
80-90 You don’t have far to go.
70-80 Your site needs help.
60-70 You’ve been neglecting a few things.
50-60 You’re slacking.
40-50 Oops, that’s not good.
30-40 That’s big trouble.
20-30 Better call for help.
10-20 I just… I can’t.
0-10 Have you even looked at your website before?

Your Score:


The Best Websites:

Check Tick
Look Modern
Check Tick
Are easy to use
Check Tick
Load quickly
Check Tick
Are trustworthy
All Device
Check Tick
Work on all devices
Check Tick
Are free of malware/hacks
Check Tick
Help people with their problems
Check Tick
Invite people to take action

If your current website isn’t performing too well,
maybe it wasn’t built the right way.

With website design, you pretty much get what you pay for. There are many things Google is looking for when it scans your website, and if your website isn’t set up right, you’re giving your competition an open door to rank higher and steal your business.

It’s pretty simple, actually…

Google wants to give searchers the best result.

That’s it… plain and simple. As soon as Google starts delivering bad results, people will go somewhere else to search. So they take it very seriously. You just need to know how to be the best result and you win.

If you’re not investing time and resources into your website, it’s not going to fix itself. Websites need to load fast, work well, be safe for your customers, and be maintained… and that’s just the basics!

To even think about ranking high, a site needs to be built correctly, have a design that converts traffic into sales/leads, and be promoted correctly.

Some websites we see just need a bit of help to rank and convert better, but others need a bit more help. Not all projects we do are new websites or redesigns. We help plenty of clients fix a few things. We’re happy to help on a small scale or something much larger.

With our 20+ years in business and team of experts we know exactly what to do to help your website and business do better online.


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