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Put an Online Estimator on Your Website

Need a Custom Calculator for Your Website?

Illustration of a calculatorSome clients of ours want to keep their pricing hidden and we get that - you don't want to give that to your competition so easily. That makes sense.

But some of our clients really want to put pricing for their services on their website and find that doing so saves them time and gets them more business! Their customers can create their own estimate and essentially "self-qualify" themselves.

Another way to use an estimator or calculator for your services would be to collect leads. You do this by not showing the price on the website but have the final estimate sent to their email address. You then get their email account so you can follow up with them later. This adds a nice, personal touch and you'll be contacting warm to hot leads.

Case Study: Hallman Asphalt

We didn't create their website but they came to us for help making some changes and adjustments via our Website Maintenance Department. They wanted a way to provide quotes online, so we sat with them and found out the formulas they use to calculate estimates. We then set up a sample calculator on a staging website where they could first test it before it went live. Once that was done, we made it live on their website.

Here's how it looks (this is just an image - the link is below):

custom calculator for website

With a residential driveway, there's a main section and sometimes a side section. Even if someone's driveway is a bit more complicated than that, they can still get a rough estimate of what it might cost to seal coat their driveway.

People put in the length and width of each section and then answer some questions. People can see their estimate as they fill in the form/calculator and then if it looks good, they can have Hallman Asphalt contact them and firm up the estimate.

Go see it in action →

Get a Custom Online Calculator for Your Website

Spreadsheet on a computer screenThe team here at Webstix is capable of building virtually any kind of online estimator / quote generator / calculator for your website. We do thorough testing including testing in different web browsers to make sure it works the way it's suppose to. Just give us information about how it works (you can even provide an Excel spreadsheet) and we can give you an estimate for your estimator. 🙂

From there, we go into production, set it up on a staging website for you, and then launch it once it passes testing and your approval. This work can be done in a relatively short amount of time as we have web developers standing by.

Contact Webstix today about putting a custom calculator on your website!

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