Email Logos and HTML Email Signatures

Professional Email Signature

Want to add your company logo to your email signature or just have an HTML email signature to help get people to your website?

Custom email signatures are a great way to add just a little extra flair to email messages to make them stand out.

Ditch the Attachments!

You see people trying to add their logo to their email signature and it ends up showing up as an attachment. That’s not the best way to do it. It creates extra clutter, takes up storage space on people’s computers and makes looking for particular attachments a pain since people think you’ve attached a file (or several files).

What you want is an HTML email signature so that your logo comes from your website and does not show up as an email attachment.

Add Facebook and Twitter Icons to Your Email Signature

We can even have some nice Facebook and Twitter icons in your custom email signature as well. People will be able to click on them and go directly to your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter.

What You Get

We can take your logo and build an HTML template for it along with instructions for you to put the logo in your email signature. It can include links to certain products on your website as well (see the EGA logo below). It can be animated as well. Use it company-wide!


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 Some Samples Of Our Work:

EGA Products: (click on image to see HTML pop-up window)

EGA Signature



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