Salesforce Integration

Salesforce logoSalesforce is a popular customer relationship management system (CRMS) that is ideal for organizing your business contacts, prospects, and leads. Once integrated into your e-commerce website, all leads or prospects collected by your website become organized into comprehensive reports according to the parameters you determine.

Thus, you avoid the time, expense, and inevitable inaccuracies of receiving multiple emails to sort, copy, and paste into your business systems. Salesforce also enables your team to track their interactions and sales efforts with your website contacts, greatly increasing the efficiency of your business development and marketing efforts.

Web to Lead Form Integration

A simple way to take advantage of the Salesforce CRMS is to incorporate its built-in Contact Us form into your website. Additionally, you can use Salesforce Cases, which are similar to support tickets. They help your staff deal with support issues that your customers might be having, helping ensure that any issue receives prompt attention and customer care.

Salesforce API Integration

Salesforce can accommodate more advanced forms of integration. For example, we can customize your Salesforce application with two-way integration, allowing customers to update their own account information.

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