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Setting up Email in Outlook / Setting up Gmail in Outlook

How to Set Up Your Email in Outlook

If you are using our email and need to use an email program (client) like Outlook, then here are some resources to help you.

First, there are many versions of Outlook. In each version, where your settings are seems to be in a different place. These instructions might not be exact and you may just need to poke around and try to find things yourself.

Second, we really just need to give you 4 pieces of information and that should be all you need from us:

  1. Your email address
  2. The server name
  3. Your username
  4. Your password

That should be all you need in order to configure email in your email program. We're using standard ports and no SSL. You should also have webmail configured for your domain, which is just https://webmail.yourdomain.com where "yourdomain.com" is your domain name.

The server name - in most cases, adding "mail" as a subdomain of your domain name should work. For example, if your domain name is "yourdomain.com" then the server name (again, in most cases) will be "mail.yourdomain.com" (no www or https://).

Please also look at our email settings page.

Your username - you should be able to use your full email address - with the "@" and all.

Type of Servers

Choose POP3 as your incoming server type.

SMTP Server

We don't provide this - even for ourselves. Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) should provide this or if you are on a company network, there should be one set up for you. Contact your Network Administrator / IT Department for more information on this setting. Also, please read the SMTP Server Options that we provide.

Additional Help

Here are some more resources that may help you:

Setting Up GMail Account in Outlook - GMail Domain Outlook Settings

One option you have it to not use Webstix for your email hosting (we can still just host your website if you want). If you choose this, then we suggest using Google Apps for Business. If you do that, then here are some things that you will find useful:

  1. You will have to verify your domain name. This requires uploading a file to your website. We can help with that. Just download the file and email it to us. Tell us that you need this uploaded to your website for domain verification. You will need to login to your Google Apps Dashboard, which is: https://www.google.com/a/[your domain name] or, for example (if your domain name is "yourdomain.com"): https://www.google.com/a/yourdomain.com
  2. Your DNS settings will need to be changed so that email for your domain name is sent over to Google. We can help with this.
  3. Once you do that, login to Gmail.com and make sure your login works and that you've enabled users in your account to have email. Once you know that works, you can start trying to configure Outlook.

Tips on Setting up Outlook for Gmail

Here are some resources that should help:

Good Luck With Outlook

We've given you some help here with Microsoft Outlook but there are some problems with it / things that are annoying:

  1. There seem to be a million versions of Outlook. With each version, they seem to move the settings to a completely different place. Knowing where the settings are in each version might be a full time job.
  2. In most versions of Outlook, it needs to both the sending and receiving of email at the same time. This is silly but if you're trying to set up and test email, please be aware of what it's doing and that this is happening. For example, if your outgoing server is not set up right or failing, it's going to complain that it cannot send and receive email and this might be wrong - it might only have problems sending. You'll have to work through that.
  3. It asks at one point for the password of your ISP. This might actually not be the case. If you're trying to get email from our server, on an account we set up for you, this will have nothing to do with the password for email at your ISP since that's a different account. Outlook tries to dumb things down, it seems and when that happens, it can get confusing.
  4. Their settings aren't separated very well - you don't know if the username and password you're putting in is for your incoming or outgoing server.

Newer versions might be better and you might have to use Outlook. If not, then consider Mozilla Thunderbird.

Need More Help?

We may be able to help but your best bet is to contact your IT staff or computer support company for more help with setting up email on your computer.

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