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Webstix Email Services

How Does Webstix Email Work?

Email can be a complicated animal sometimes. This article will explain some more about what to expect from an email account from Webstix.

What Webstix Provides to You

Webstix provides incoming (POP3) email services. Email at your domain will come in to our server and it will sit in an inbox until you pick it up. You can pick it up either with a POP3 client (meaning either Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, your phone, etc.) or with webmail (which will be discussed more below).

What we give you is:

  • The server name
  • Your email account / address (you@yourdomain.com)
  • The username
  • The password

You then can enter these settings into your email program and then retrieve email sitting on the server. Use the standard / default ports and do not enable SSL.

We do not provide IMAP email services.

SMTP Service (sending email server)

Webstix does not provide outgoing (SMTP) email services. The main reason for this is that outgoing email is a huge task. With the laws and regulations in place, managing outgoing email would require a decent sized staff dedicated to those tasks and costs would have to go up. When it comes down to it, you shouldn't need us to be your sending email (SMTP) host.

You do have a few options when it comes to SMTP:

  1. Most ISPs do give you an SMTP server to use to send email when you are on their network. It's only accessible if you are on their network typically. For example, Charter users have a server called "smtp.charter.net" to use (at least that is what it has been - check with Charter for the exact server name).
  2. There are other hosts that do provide email - either just the SMTP service or else both incoming and outgoing. Some options are free and others are low cost. More information can be found here: Alternatives to TDS' SMTP Server (this article was written when TDS also took down their SMTP server).
  3. In addition to the resources listed in that article, there are other services available from Google: Google Apps for Work

Email and Websites Hosted Separately

Webstix does not have to host your email. We can just host your website if you want and we encourage our hosting since it's private hosting and we're better able to manage your website on our servers. Domain registrars (like Network Solutions or GoDaddy) will often give you free email hosting with the registration of a domain. You may just also prefer to stay with the email host that you have or host it in-house. That's fine and it's up to you.

Note: If we are not hosting both your website and email, then that change will need to be specified in the name server (DNS) settings. We can host your DNS or you can have it hosted somewhere else - it does not matter to us. If you are hosting DNS somewhere else, then we'll give you the settings to pass on to your host or we may be able to assist you in changing those settings.

Using Webstix Webmail

We do not provide webmail anymore, sorry.

Plesk Control Panel

With your hosting control panel (we use one called Plesk), you are able to login and perform tasks like:

  • Add new email accounts
  • Remove email accounts
  • Change passwords
  • Set up vacation messages or auto responders

If you not have or if you misplaced your Plesk login information, please let us know.

Sending E-Newsletters

It may seem like sending out e-newsletters would fall under your email hosting but it's not really connected. That kind of service does use email and you need to have an email account to use those services but they are different services. Sending an e-newsletter requires a beefy SMTP (sending) email server, list software and a form on your website where people can subscribe. Webstix no longer provides these services for a number of reasons (good ones). Read more about Constant Contact integration.

Using SpamAssassin

Our servers have SpamAssassin installed to help control spam. There are two settings - either to mark suspected junk email as spam or to delete it. If you choose to delete it, then there's no getting it back. It's gone. We don't suggest using this setting but if you do, you should play with the spam score threshold and maybe have it up at 9 or 10 to start with and bring it down from there if it's not effective.

The other setting to mark email as spam can be helpful, too. You can set up a filter in your em ai program to automatically move that email to a junk email folder. That way, you won't see it but it will still be there in case you need to look for a certain email.

Email Forwarding

We do not allow email forwarding.

What happens is that if your email account gets a lot of spam or junk email, that email is forwarded to another account you have, like GMail or Hotmail (Outlook.com) and then that email host thinks our servers are sending them spam when the spam doesn't actually originate from our servers. In turn, our servers get put on spam lists and you will stop getting your email. We run into other problems as our servers need to send things like receipts from store orders and when those legit emails get blocked, it creates problems for anyone hosting an e-commerce website with us.

If we see you're using email forwarding all the time, we will ask you to change your account settings.

If you are using GMail, you can instead set up GMail to pop your account and grab email from it and this works better than our servers forwarding email.


Email is getting more complicated now because of multiple devices being used. We highly suggest just going to Google Apps for Work.

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