Why Am I Not Receiving Emails from the Forms on my Website?

Not Receiving Emails from Website If you have a form on your website – like form on the Contact Us page or an employment application page, you should be receiving, via email, whatever people submit (enter)… in a perfect world. Because there are email spammers out there, things don’t quite always work this perfectly. Very …

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Eliminate Form Spam with CAPTCHA


If you website has any kind of form on it, then you will probably encounter “form spam” somewhere along the line.

This can be any kind of form – either comments on a blog post, a Contact Us page form, an inquiry form and so on. Spammers have set up what are called “spambots” which go out to every website it can find and search the whole website for these forms. Once they find one, they report it and start sending spam through it. They do this because they think that they are posting to a forum or something where their link could appear. If it’s not a forum or blog comment, then they don’t care – they don’t have to deal with these messages. If a quarter of 1% of these messages get through, then they’re very happy.

Your company is the victim of this form spam. You may wonder what these messages are. Some may not make much sense. You might start getting 10 per day and then see it increase to 20 or up to 50 or more per day. It can get annoying.

There is a way to eliminate most, if not all, of this form spam. It’s called “CAPTCHA” which stands for: “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart” (which is why we just call it CAPTCHA). It’s where you’re asked to enter the letters and numbers that appear in an image to help prove that you’re a human. It actually works pretty well and should eliminate this form spam.


If we’re developing new website software for you, then you will want to be sure that the work to install CAPTCHA is included. Also, if we’re using existing software on your website, it will take some extra time to install CAPTCHA into that software. Doing this will enable your business to be more productive by reducing and hopefully eliminating this annoyance.

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Setting Up Forms on Your Website

Information Required for Setting Up a Form on a Website Your website can have various forms on it like a Contact Us type of form. There are some things we need from you in order to set up the forms. Also, this page explains our procedures regarding forms to make sure they work properly once …

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