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Constant Contact Email Marketing

Build Your Email Contact List!

One of the best ways to build your business is to build an email list of your clients. If you're not doing this yet, you need to right away. When you have a list of customers that want to get information from you sent to their inbox, that's gold!

One purpose of your website is to get leads. You want to give people multiple ways to be in contact with you. You want to give them several opportunities to say "yes" to doing business with you. Maybe they're not ready to buy something yet but they may want to in the future. If you're not giving them that chance, then you are simply wasting your advertising dollars.

With an e-newsletter or email list, you are able to blast out an email to your customers and "pre-customers" (you could say) and let them know what special offers you have going on. Of course, you don't want to spam them to death. Sending 1-2 email blasts a month is not doing that and it keeps your business in front of their eyes - which is exactly what you need to do. Again, it's gold.

While it's true that the content management systems that we include do often offer a module or component that will let you set up an e-newsletter mailing list with your clients, we're finding that using a service like Constant Contact works even better for our clients. Constant Contact does a very good job of making sure that emails get sent out quickly, they have excellent statistics on who has opened the email and who has clicked the links in the email, how many opted out and they also tell you how many bounced (to invalid email accounts). The click through stats are pretty amazing as well.

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Legal Implications of Emailing Your Customers

It's important to know a few legal issues with sending email to your clients. For example, if you are simply keeping a list of email accounts on your computer and using a program like Outlook to send out emails to your list, you could be setting your business up for some potential trouble.

  • You must give customers / everyone on your list a way to opt-out. If there's no link at the bottom that allows them to opt-out and never receive any more email from you, then you could be breaking the anti-spam ("Can Spam") law.
  • If they opt-out and then you sent out another email to them later, you could be breaking the law.
  • Your email host (SMTP server) may get labeled as a spam server if too many emails are sent out. Your ISP or SMTP host could ban your account.
  • If you're not blind copying everyone on your list, you could really be upsetting your customers by essentially giving spammers their email account. This will definitely leave a bad taste in their mouth and you could lose that customer. They may even tell other people they know that you're doing this.

Benefits of Using Constant Contact for E-Newsletters

Here are some great reasons to switch over to using Constant Contact:

  • It's affordable. Plans start at about $15 per month.
  • Emails are sent out quickly.
  • Social media can easily be integrated.
  • Look professional. There are templates available or we can create a custom template for you that matches the look of your website.
  • Directly target your customers by including their name and targeting their interests.
  • Emails are really easy to forward to others and by doing that, you're growing your customer base and marketing strength.
  • Get immediate results with their excellent tracking and statistics package.
  • See who opens the emails, clicks on them and who forwards them to others.
  • There's a free trial!

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