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Who Writes Website Content?

Website content development is typically done by a Web Copywriter. This type of copywriter specializes in content specifically for websites, focusing on content that can be digested quickly and is keyword-focused.

When businesses choose to write their own copy, it usually results in copy that's too inwardly focused instead of being focused on the website visitor. Good copywriters do research and conduct interviews to figure out a customer persona in which to direct the copy (text) to. Doing this is an important step to help ensure high conversions (leads/sales).

Copywriters also research the competition and find content gaps which need to be filled.

Calls to action must be strategically placed in the copy to encourage website visitors/prospects to call/contact or make a purchase. Smaller calls to action include follows on social media or joining an email list in exchange for an exclusive piece of content (lead magnet).

When doing content development a site map must be developed, showing what pages will be on the website and how they will be structured. The structure must make logical sense to both website visitors and search engines.

We do not suggest clients spend good money on design and then just wing it when it comes to copy. Good websites need both items - good design paired with professionally-written copy, using headlines to grab attention and then convert visitors.

How Much Text Should be Written for a Website?

The home page should contain 1200 words or more of original text. Some of this text can be behind a "Read More" button which reveals the text on the page when someone clicks that button. Key landing pages should have 800 or more words on them.

Most importantly, text should not be written to reach a certain word count. These word counts are just guidelines. Content should be rich and full of value, not fluffy.

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