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Add a Simple Product


  1. Login to admin panel
  2. Navigate to Catalog > Manage Products
  3. Click Add Product button on the right side of the screen
  4. Select Attribute Set as Default and select Product Type as “Simple Product”
  5. Click the Continue button. Refer to this screenshot:
  6. Fill in all the required fields like Name, Description, Short Description, SKU, weight, Status, Visibility
  7. Select the option “Enabled” in the Status drop down
    Select the option “Catalog, Search” in the Visibility drop down. Refer to the screenshot below.
    Note: You can see a few options for Visibility. They are:
    Not Visible Individually – While creating configurable product, we can use this.
    Catalog – The product appears only in the catalog
    Search – The product appears only on search results pages
    Catalog, Search – The product appears both on catalog (i.e. category page) and search results page.


  8. Click on the Prices tab on the left column for adding price for a product. On the resulting page, add the Price and select the option “Taxable Goods” for the Tax Class drop down. Refer to this screenshot:


  9. On the Product Information panel on the left, click Images tab
    1. Click Browse Files button, to select the product images
    2. Click the Upload Files button to upload the selected images to your store
    3. To make a image as a default image, please select the following radio buttons for that particular image:
      1. Base Image
      2. Small Image
      3. Thumbnail
  10.  Click on the Inventory tab on the left column for adding price for a product. On the Inventory screen, enter the quantity of the product on Qty field and choose Stock Availability field to “In Stock”
    Note: If you don’t have stock management on your store, just uncheck “Use Config Settings” checkbox and choose Manage Stock to “No”


  11. On the Product Information panel on the left, click Categories tab. On the product categories screen assign the categories for the product. To assign the product to the category, just check the checkbox beside the category name. You click on the (+) sign beside the categories name to view the subcategories.
  12. Click the “Save” button and you are done.
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