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How Do I Change the Title Tag on the Home Page of My Site?

Good question. First, let's quickly discuss why you might not want to do this.

With most, if not all, websites we set up, the home page title is carefully crafted with the right keywords to help your website rank high (provided that there are enough links from other website pointing to yours - but this is another topic altogether). The keywords in your home page title tag are important. This helps your website rank well for search terms that it contains. The link people will click on at search engines like Google is your home page title tag.

Changing the home page title tag could cause your website to lose its ranking and you could start getting less traffic to your site. So be careful doing this. Having a title that's too long could have an adverse effect as well. You need to know what you're doing but we do encourage some experimentation. Just be sure you have recorded what the old title was on what day if you do plan on changing it so that you can change it back to what is was before. The CMS does not keep track of previous versions of page titles.

How to Change Your Home Page Title Tag

  1. Login to the CMS admin.
  2. Go to: Components > ARTIO JoomSEF
  3. Click on "View/Edit SEF Urls"
  4. In the "Filter SEF Urls:" box, enter this (without the quotes): "index.php?option=com_content&view=frontpage" and tab to another field so that it pulls up the results.
  5. There should be one result showing. Click on the checkbox next to this item and click "Edit" at the top of the page.
  6. Where it shows "Title:" you can change this page's title.
  7. Click Save.

The Meta Description and Meta Keywords fields don't necessarily need to be filled in since they don't mean much with search engines anymore (this is especially true with Meta Description).

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