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How to Construct a Privacy Policy

You should have a privacy policy on your website. It explains to people visiting your site what you do with any information collected about that. When people visit your website, your web server is capturing their IP address, so really every website is capturing some information and that's why every website needs a privacy policy.

Why is a Privacy Policy Page Needed?

More reasons why you should have a privacy policy include if you're gathering even more information like if you use Google Analytics or other advanced web analytics / statistics program. If you run ads on your website, like Google AdSense. If you have a website with a shopping cart or a form that asks for information, you should explain what you do with that information.

Let's repeat that... if you're using Google Analytics on your website, you need to have a privacy policy page on your website to not violate Google's Analytics Terms of Service agreement. Failure to do this could technically get you sued by Google but they most likely will just discontinue service for your website and they may (or may not) send you a notice before they do it.

To be in compliance with the Google Analytics Terms of Service, you must create a privacy policy page on your website where you state the usage of third party tracking and state the usage of cookies to track anonymous data. It must address these things.

And if you're using Google's Remarketing, then you need to do even more on your Privacy Policy page.

You must briefly describe what remarketing is and then tell website visitors that they can opt out at the Google advertising opt-out page.

Learn more here:

How Many Google Privacy Policies Are You Violating? (searchengineland.com)

How to Write Up a Privacy Policy for Your Website

So how do you get one? There are a few ways. First of all, we're not lawyers. You should consult a lawyer to create a privacy policy for your business and website.

The best way is with a service that keeps your Privacy Policy continually up to date with all the changing laws: Termageddon

Here are some other resources:

You can also take a look at our Privacy Policy page - that might help you.

Again, we advise you to get legal counsel for your privacy policy page for your website.

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