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Story Boarding a Website Project

What is Story Boarding a Website?

Story boarding is essentially the blueprints. It is a basic level prototype which has a series of pages showing how a website or web application will work. Storyboarding does not have much to do with the “look & feel” (i.e. colors, images used, etc.) of a website, but it is very helpful when thinking about how it will function and work. Story boarding is mainly used to illustrate and organize the work flow and freeze on the function after several revisions.

Advantages of Using Story Boarding:

  • Helps to communicate ideas & function clearly
  • Provides an overview of the system
  • Gives you a prototype of the functionality of your website
  • Demonstrates the work flow of the functions
  • Bridges the gap between the developers & the client (you)
  • Avoids functional glitches in the later stages of the project
  • Gives you a more tangible perception of how things will work

Our Process:

When there is a custom programming work involved in a project, we'll first do storyboards - which are essentially the initial prototypes. The first round is developed and we present them and get your feedback. We then make changes and go into the second round. That keeps happening until every detail is nailed down and every needed function is planned.

Here are some examples of story boarding we did for our clients:

A typical set of storyboards can take 20 to 40 hours or more to create plus there is some back and forth where we ask for your feedback. This is time saved, though, since it's much easier to change things and move things around at this level than later on.

After the Storyboards Are Done

This process helps us get you an accurate quote on your project. It only makes sense that we first know what we're building before we get you a quote on it. The deliverable here is the set of storyboards, which are then yours. Once the storyboards are done, you're typically under no obligation to have us complete the project. You're welcome to shop your project's blueprints around. Since we developed them, there is an advantage of using Webstix for your project at this point.

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