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Get Us Your Links to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Link Your Website to Social Media

It's a good idea on most websites now to have links to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. People could be going to your website just for this information so that they can get your latest information when you use these social networks.

With your website project at Webstix, we can set up these links for you. We'll choose icons appropriate for your website, so we don't need you to provide them to us. What we do need, however, are the links for each of these accounts. This article will explain how to do that and how to sign up for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn if you do not have accounts yet. We'll go through each one. Links on this page will open in a new window / tab for you.


With Facebook, there are two kinds of links - the "Like" button and the "Share" button. With the Like button, you need a Facebook account for your business. With a Share button, you do not need a Facebook account for your business - this just puts the story on the website visitor's Facebook page (they need to have a Facebook account., of course). Check out all the kinds of Facebook plugins.

To be clear, here are the differences between Facebook's Like, Share, Recommend and becoming a Fan:

Facebook Share - The Facebook Share button was the first Facebook button. It's where a website visitor can post an article to their wall. They have to be logged into their Facebook account already to do this. They get to choose if they want a thumbnail image included and they can also leave their comments about the item that they are sharing on their wall.

Facebook Like - The Facebook Like button gives something a thumbs up. It adds the item to their wall but just shows one line (no comments, no thumbnail image, etc.). Sharing is more visual than just liking something.

Facebook Recommend - This does the exact same thing as a Facebook Like button. It's just called something different. They didn't do this to confuse things (well, maybe) but they did it because with news type websites, the word "recommend" sounds better - you recommend an article. Also, people might not be inclined to "like" a story that maybe has some bad news in it.

Facebook Fan - Becoming a Facebook Fan of something means you will get updates when that company/organization/etc. updates their page or posts something to their wall.

We don't suggest you use a personal Facebook account for your business. You should set up a separate business account. The way it works right now is, the business account is linked to your personal account but just on the back end. People coming to the page don't see this connection. It's just there so that it's easier to manage the business Facebook page and so you don't have to logout and login to different accounts. It's actually kind of nice they did it this way.

First, go to the create a business page at Facebook.

Second, choose "Local Business or Place" and then fill in the fields there.

Third, if you're not logged in to Facebook, it'll ask you if you have an account. Here, you can sign up for a Facebook account or else login to your existing account.

Fourth, go ahead and set up your business account. They will ask for more information about your business. You should just go ahead and fill in everything you can now because you might forget later.

To find out what your Facebook business page URL is (which we need to link your website to your Facebook page), simply search for your business at the top of any Facebook page. Click on it and then you should see a URL in the address bar like this: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Webstix/164987056860777 and that is what we need.

If you need help building your Info page or getting your logo uploaded, let us know.


If you have a Twitter account, login and look for a link on the right that says "Your Tweets" - click on that link. You should see a link like this: https://twitter.com/#!/webstix and that is what we need to link your website to Twitter.

If you do not have an account with Twitter yet, simply go to Twitter and sign up.


If you need to sign up with LinkedIn, go to their website.

We need the link to your page. Go to:

Profile > View Profile

On that page will be a Public Profile URL listed. Copy it and send that to us.

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