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Maintenance Blocks FAQ

Why are Maintenance Blocks are set up to be 30 minute increments?

  1. When we receive an email or phone call with a maintenance request it is reviewed by one of our staff and depending on the nature of the request, it is forwarded to the right person. A maintenance request may include our graphic artists, PHP programmers, HTML coders or even our SEO staff. Sometimes a maintenance request involves the services of more then one person.
  2. Upon receipt of the maintenance work order, we retrieve the appropriate login information for your particular website, this could be FTP access or access to the back-end Admin section of your website. The appropriate web page or module/component or navigational link is located and the work is performed.
  3. Upon completion of the work, the staff person will close up the site and proceed to test the website to make sure there are no errors. For example, links are tested and text and images are verified to make sure the user side of the website looks good and functions properly. The work is tested in Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.
  4. Upon completion of the work done by the staff person, the work order is forwarded to our testing department for a final review. Upon approval of the Tester, the maintenance request is completed and your Maintenance Block status page is updated and the appropriate amount of blocks are deducted with an explanation of the work that was done.
  5. Finally an email is prepared and sent to the client that originated the maintenance request. If we don’t hear anything from the client within 24 hours as second email is sent out with a “closed ticket” confirmation.

Although a given task might not take much time, the process to ensure quality service involves several steps and the time involved is usually consistent with the 30 minute minimum charge. Our timeline includes not only the actual work on the website but the overall time required to review the request, perform the work, testing and communication with our clients.

However, in order to maximize the value of your Maintenance Blocks we do recommend to our clients to, if possible, include more than one change per Maintenance ticket request. For example, changing text on a page is usually very simple and we can often accomplish more than one update to a page within the 30 minute time frame. Nevertheless, given the fact that almost all of our maintenance request involves more then 15 minutes of our time this is the reason for our policy of 30 minute increments.

It should also be pointed out that many times a request involves more than 30 minutes of time and that extra time is not always charged. For small changes to text and images the ideas is that our clients can make those changes themselves using the Content Management System (CMS) of their site.

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