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Aerovex Systems, Inc. has been providing high-quality, source capture systems for ventilation and air purification for hair, nail, eyelash and skin care salons - as well as print shops. The products they sell make salons safer for both employees and customers. Aerovex has been involved with setting the standards for source capture systems in these industries and they are the leader in this area.

Their new website was designed to make it easier for salon owners and contractors (for new salons) to find the system they need to install in a salon to meet air quality codes for their state and region. The website also shows products needed for each zone (zones 1, 2, and 3) to help get each salon certified as a clean air salon.

The Problem

Aerovex had a website that was custom programmed by their previous developer. The code there was either custom code or heavily customized. Making any needed changes was expensive and time consuming. This might not be anyone's fault - it's just what happens over time in some cases.

The old website was also created over a period of time and new things were added - which is great but after that happens for an extended amount of time, the website can result in looking very cluttered. It was time to clean it up.

The Solution

The new website from Webstix uses software that is more mainstream and is less custom that their previous solution. There is some customization but it's done in a way where upgrades and changes are much easier. Aerovex also has more control over each product and they can make a lot more changes themselves. This gives them the flexibility they want along with the ability to have more control over their website.


This is an e-commerce website that includes a membership / rewards program with reward points for their members/subscribers. There are recurring / subscription payments included where the end users have the ability to change their payment method and their next shipment - similar to an online razor blade/shaver type of website where a product is shipped monthly or on a certain, pre-set time schedule.

Need a Complex E-Commerce Website?

If the kind of website you need isn't something where you can find some pre-made software to take off the shelf and set up, then contact us at Webstix today. Let's explore how we can help you get a website that's in tune with your business, saving you time and money - giving you a return on your investment.

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