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BCP Transportation is a thriving, driver-focused trucking company located in Deerfield, WI. They take care of their customers by taking care of their drivers since their drivers do the most interacting with their customers. They provide trucking, warehousing and logistics services for their clients. They are a woman-owned company that is green and efficient with a sense of humor.

The new website is focused on helping them hire new drivers. BCP Transportation chose to use a Webstix Copywriter to help them develop content for their website. This makes the copy more powerful, more consistent and increases conversions. In other words, the website just works better with the right words. How you word things matter.

It's important to trust every aspect of your website to the professionals and that's the route they smartly chose.

The website's main page (besides the home page) is the Truck Drivers Wanted page. This page explains all the benefits of working at BCP Transportation and encourages prospective drivers to apply online.

Truck Drivers Wanted page

The online application is a multi-page application. We do this to make it easier to apply online and to increase the amount of people that will apply. Seeing a smaller portion of the form helps ensure the application process does not look overwhelming.

Of course, we've gone over our work with a fine toothed comb at launch and went through our many design, programming and launch checklists to make sure every portion of the website works as it should. Our Testing Department did their best to try to break the website. This is the extra quality and attention you get with a Webstix website. We know that you need to run your business - not test a website. We get that and we like that BCP Transportation also saw all the advantages they get with Webstix.

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