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Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden

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The Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden is a restaurant in New York, NY. They came to us because they urgently needed help getting their restaurant website ADA compliant.

ADA compliance not only relates to your physical property, but also has guidelines regarding how accessible your website is. People with disabilities need to be able to read and navigate your website. This includes how your website looks and operates. There are different levels of ADA compliance and here's where you can read more about which level you need.

ADA Compliant WebsiteADA Certification Experts

At Webstix, we are certified to correctly make websites ADA compliant. Our staff has the required training to do this correctly for you. Our team can make your website compliant with ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) compliant while still maintaining the look and feel (design) of your website.

And, it's good to remember that people with disabilities still spend money at businesses like yours, so in order to not exclude them, you should make your website usable for them. It's also nice to show that you care about your customers by having this done.

If you need this service done, please go to our ADA page and fill out the form there or call us today. We can test your website, provide a report, and get you a quote on getting the work done. You'll have no downtime and we can get this work done relatively quickly.

What Our Clients Say

I am so impressed with the beautiful website that Webstix designed for IBC Bookkeeping Solutions! The content goes into detail that I had not thought to create on my own. Another thing that is great about working with Webstix is that they move the project along. Updates, requests for information and feedback as well as the general communication of what is happening and how the project is coming along is incredibly refreshing. Thank you, Webstix team!

-CATHY RAMOS, IBC Bookkeeping Solutions, LLC

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