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Capital Bee Supply

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At Capital Bee Supply, you can shop online for beekeeping supplies like beehive tools, bee feeders and bee health supplements. They are located in Columbus, WI and are a family owned and ran business. They manufacture and resell beekeeping supplies to help new people become beekeepers and enjoy the hobby.

How They Found Us

They originally came to us for help with their existing website - through our Website Maintenance department. The old website technology had seen its day and they came to us for help building a new website for them.

This happens often... we get people seeing how well we do the smaller tasks and they then turn to us to build them a new website.

An E-Commerce Website That Makes Ordering Easy

The new, e-commerce website is beautifully and professionally designs, showcasing their products right on their home page. They can add blog posts to their Latest News section and let their customers know about new products or when products arrive.

Product pages have the "Add to Cart" button above the fold (near the top of the page) to make ordering obvious and easy. Their cart software also shows related products to help encourage more sales. With shipping, we were able to help them integrate with a few, different shippers including Spee-dee and UPS. People can calculate shipping before checking out and it does not require them to create an account.

How About You?

If you're looking to create a new e-commerce website, talk to the pros at Webstix today. We can provide you with an estimate and proposal for the work that explains the whole process. We often get compliments on our proposals and that's because we want you to understand everything.

Oh, and check out the video below and hear from them what they think about their new Webstix website!

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What Our Clients Say

-Stacy and Rich, Capital Bee Supply

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