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Capitol Auto Credit provides used cars with financing options despite a bad credit history. Get a good, used car by making an initial, small down payment and then weekly payments.

Their old website was difficult to use and their car listings were not integrated with the website.

Webstix provided them with a new website that was cleaner, looked more professional and runs better. The car listings are integrated into the website and the website is optimized for the best user experience.

We also built a custom “Drive It or Park It” feature on the website which is like “Hot or Not” or Tinder for used cars. People can look at cars on the lot, one by one, and give each one a thumbs up or thumbs down. When they find the car they like, a history of their car likes and dislikes are included in the information the sales person receives.

Since Capital Auto Credit went to having a responsive website design, their leads have gone up a lot. None of their other marketing changed – just the website – and they’re seeing way better numbers now. A true success story!

Need a Used Car Dealer Website?

We’re able to sync the website up with your inventory as well as give you a way to add or delete vehicles yourself. Someone can be on the lot with a cell phone and add new inventory to the website.

You also get help marketing your new website so that you get increased traffic and conversions (leads). Rank better and make your business more successful when Webstix provides you with a website that simply works better.

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What Our Clients Say

“I want to thank Webstix for making sure I am aware of the operating structure of the website and it’s functionality. You both have brought considerations to my attention that have been very important to my decision making process, and I appreciate you both for making sure I understand the Development side of this business. You have shown me insights and considerations in the past I was not aware of and improved my comprehension of the situation.”

-Brent McLean, President / CEO InfoStar Nutrition & Media LLC

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