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Community Care Resources (CCR) in Middleton, WI provides treatment foster care services for children and families in Wisconsin for around 30 years. They are a private, non-governmental, full-service agency with new treatment approaches for the mental health needs of foster children. Most people don't know that you can go through a private company to get into foster care. They work with counties and citizens of Wisconsin who want to have foster children either full or part time.

Go to the website to find out if foster care is right for you and why you should choose Community Care Resources.

Their New Website

The new website not only uses the best, responsive website design to work on all devices but it loads quickly. There's a blog, events, video gallery and more. CCR chose Webstix to help create a new website that would house updated information about what they provide and can offer foster families. We helped them build a website that has great on-site SEO (search engine optimization) to give them the best chance to rank with search engines and the new website definitely brings them more traffic and inquiries.

They can, of course, update the website themselves. This includes updating pages with image and text or even uploading PDF files. The new website lets them add posts to their blog, events to their calendar, photos to the video gallery, and more. Changing it is a breeze. They can also load up new testimonials when they come in to keep the website content fresh.

CCR especially appreciated how we set a deadline and how we stuck to it. The website launched on time, as promised. We gave them a workable timeline at the beginning stating when content was due or when we needed approval on wireframes or designs. They came through on their end, so we came through on our end and the new website launched without any delays.

We're continuing to work with them on updates to their website and with SEO to help it rank higher.

Why Not You? Why Not Webstix?

Are you not sure about which website design company in Madison, WI to use? There are many to choose from and there's plenty of business for all of us since really all businesses need websites.

You can be another success story of Webstix when you work with us. If you use our copywriters and methods, which include the website structure, how fast it loads, the kind of content to have, calls to action and so forth, your website will convert traffic into sales and leads better. You'll see more traffic. Everything will finally just work like it's supposed to. We can say that because we do that exact thing, time after time.

Maybe you've worked on your website yourself or someone at your business has. Maybe you've seen some success but something tells you it's not quite right and can be doing better. And maybe you finally want to beat your competition and take back more business in your industry. If that's you, then you're ready to talk with Webstix. Let's talk and see how we can make that happen for you.

Getting a website that looks great, works great, and get your more traffic and leads isn't difficult or magic. It just needs to be done the right way. That is what we do. We have more items on our to-do list and we do more testing than any other website design company in our area. That's because we don't want any of our clients coming back to us after their website launches wondering why we didn't do A, B, and C. Skipping things doesn't help them and it doesn't help us. We take care of everything that needs to be done as we build your website - so that Google loves your new website and wants to send traffic to it.

And we communicate. You won't wonder what's going on with your project at any point. We lay out all the steps and if anything, we bug you a little too much. We'd rather do that than not do enough communication and we think you can handle a few extra emails and phone calls. Your new website really matters to us.

Contact us today and let's get you a website that rocks!

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