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Earth Stew Compost Services

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Earth Stew is a subscription based composting service in the Madison, WI area. They will pick up your compost and it can either be donated or you can get it back later to use yourself.

They needed a new website on a budget, so Webstix came to the rescue. Since the content was ready to go, we were able to turn around a new website quickly - one that meets our high standards. It's a simple, 5-page website with a home page, contact us page/form, and even the needed site map and privacy policy pages. The design is responsive so it works well on mobile devices and the home page has a slide show. They can make changes to content themselves since it's built on WordPress.

Higher Standards = Less Problems

To us, at least, it doesn't make sense to create a website where a client might come back later and say, "why didn't you do this?" or "why didn't you do that?" - that's just not our style. We also learned years ago that everything just runs smoother for our clients and us if we make sure everything is tested well and all the "little things" that Google likes are done.

We've developed our own, 144-point website launch checklist that is growing all the time. Every website we create gets put through this checklist to make sure everything is done to the latest website design (and Google) standards. Yes, it takes longer to go through all these steps but our clients do not come back later wondering why their website was only half done.

We even have clients of other website design companies in the area come to ask and have us "complete" their website since their designer fell short. They often say that they wish they would have come to Webstix first because we could have done the rest of the work as a part of their project - instead of as an extra expense.

Smaller Project? Larger Project? Webstix Can Help!

Webstix has been around since 2001. We're the company we see others copying, which makes us the leader. Instead of going to a company that's years behind us, why not get the experience and expertise right from the start? Contact Webstix today and let's discuss your next website design project!

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