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HelloFit is a 90-day exercise program you can do at home or anywhere. It streams on any device and is perfect for anyone wanting to get into shape. Just sign up once and you get access to the program, for life. Go through it over and over again. There are different videos for different days (you get the schedule) so that you don't get bored.

Webstix created this membership website featuring streaming video for HelloFit. People can pay online and become members instantly. They get a login and can then watch all the videos in the program.

Member page

They recorded their videos and set up their program. From there, Webstix set up the website to take payment and grant people access and it's done. This website runs itself! All they need to do is promote it and write new blog posts.

When you login to your account, it feels very professional and clean - not clunky at all. The program is easy to follow and everything just... works!

Need a Membership Website? Call Webstix!

Have you ever though about taking the knowledge you have about a topic and turning it into a membership website? You can set it with all the lessons at once or you can keep adding content to it and charge people monthly to get that new content. A website charging $14.95 per month per user with 1,000 members would net around $14,000 per month. That's recurring income you can have if you just keeping adding great content.

This kind of website is a great asset to own and can make it so you can work from about anywhere with an Internet connection. Travel the world and just keep adding content to your website and promote it to get more members. Give them great value for their money and you'll keep your members, month after month.

Find out more about how Webstix can help you set up a membership website for your own, work-from-home business or for your existing business. The sky's the limit!

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