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Home2Care is a family-owned / operated business providing affordable, non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) in the Madison, WI area.

This new website is a new business from a long-term Webstix client who has had us build several websites for her in the past. She came to us with this new business and needed a professional website designed quickly and Webstix came through for her. The website looks great (especially on mobile devices), is professional, and has lots of features like a blog. It's built on WordPress, so it's easy to edit content.

People can come to the website to find out about rates for medical transportation in the Madison, WI area or get information about employment or the services they offer.

Looking Good and Gaining Trust is SO Important!

It's, of course, important for any small business to look good online. This increases trust. People will go check your website to make sure your business looks legitimate. First securing trust with a professional looking website eliminates that issue and you can better present what you do and how you can help people. This is ideal.

If your website does not look trustworthy, then you have to work extra hard with what you say (your copy) to earn people's trust. If your competition did the right thing and had a website professionally made that looks great, then they are a good five steps ahead of you. Why put yourself at such a disadvantage?

Instead, trust your business to Webstix. It's our goal to help you succeed. We're great at website design because we've been doing it since 2001 - that's longer than just about anyone else in the Madison, WI area. We have the best experts in the industry and the insightful expertise needed in order to create a successful website that pays back dividends for you and your business. When, as a business owner, you're putting everything on the line, why trust your website to just anyone? Get the total package at Webstix so that nothing's left unchecked.

Contact us at Webstix today to find out more and let's discuss your project. We'd like to see if we can help you be a success online.

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