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IBC Bookkeeping Solutions

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IBC Bookkeeping Solutions is an accounting and bookkeeping service in the Madison, WI area. They also do business coaching and have other solutions to help businesses succeed. They specialize in Quickbooks and setting it up so businesses can run more smoothly.

The new website came out really nice and our design team did a spectacular job with it. The home page is very informational and the site can handle lead generation as it has a place for people to sign up for a free consultation. It also clearly explains their services, shows testimonials, and gives resources to new clients.

Need a Website for an Accounting Firm?

Is it time to freshen up your website with a new design and up to date information? Webstix can help!

What we find helps a lot of clients the most is using a Copywriter. What they do is conduct interviews/research, fix your copy, get it all in the same voice, and develop it to keep website visitors engaged and want to know more about your business. Often, when clients try to come up with content themselves, it lacks that professional touch, which can really make a huge difference - we see it all the time.

If you're going to be spending your hard-earned money on a new website, having copy that converts visitors into leads and customers only makes sense. Without it, you might as well not do the project at all - really... it's THAT powerful.

A good copywriter can also help your business get a bit more organized and focused. It's almost like a relaunch of your business because ideas get lined up and put together, where before - they might have been really scattered and not connected. Both you, your staff, and your customers see a more put-together business, which shows your confidence. Since confidence is something attractive, you'll see more of the kinds of clients you want to work with coming to you. You really can move your business up a level with that kind of streamlining and confidence.

Then, when you pair that with the great design at Webstix, you'll breathe new life into both your website and your business.

If that sounds like something you're interested in, contact Webstix today and let's talk about what we all can accomplish.

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-Stacy and Rich, Capital Bee Supply

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