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Shop Opal – Madison, WI

Shop Opal sells higher end women’s fashions including dresses, tops, accessories, jackets, skirts, lounge wear, swimwear and more. If you’re into high end women’s clothing, then look at all that Shop Opal has to offer.

This online retail website was moved from VirtueMart to Magento, which is a more robust shopping cart platform for e-commerce websites. The design is high-end and is built to feature the clothing products that she curates for sale on the website. The design is pixel-perfect and works well on mobile devices.

This is her second website with us. The first one did well and this one was sort of an upgrade for her. We like it when our clients are successful and come back to us when they need help expanding their business.

Not only do we help clients set up their websites but we help with maintenance. It can be anything from creating pages to adding more products or creating banners or whatever. We have staff standing by that are just waiting for maintenance requests that we can turn around in 24-48 hours. We don’t pull programmers off of projects to take care of smaller, maintenance requests. We learned a long time ago that it’s better for everyone if we have staff ready for those requests. Everyone is happy with that system and we have a lot of clients that just use us for website maintenance.

If you need an online e-commerce/shopping cart website, then we’re ready to help you. We understand how every online retailers is different. Your products may be unique or you may have different shipping options you need to offer. Usually, with every e-commerce website we make, there’s some kind of twist that makes things a little different. We’ve set up so many shopping cart websites that we’re ready to handle those kinds of requests.

Going with a standard, hosted shopping cart might not give you all the options you need. When your website stands out from the rest, that higher level of service adds to your brand. With so much online competition, having an elevated brand is priceless.

Take Your Shopping Cart to the Next Level!

Are you stuck with an old shopping cart on your website that doesn’t quite have all the features you want or need? Would a few extra features save time for you every day and make your customers happier?

Contact Webstix to take your online store to the next level and finally get all the little features that will help your business run more smoothly so that you can scale your sales and grow your business even larger.

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“Webstix has been very professional and responsive to our needs and has helped us with our website maintenance and development. I would highly recommend their staff for all your website needs.”

-Fred Lubcke, Cornerstone Designs

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