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The Real Estate School

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The Real Estate School educates adults to get their real estate license in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania. They have full time, expert instructors teaching courses in the area and they guarantee that classes will never get canceled, which is a big help for their students.

Webstix helped them with a new website and design to replace their older website. The new website loads faster, works better on mobile devices, integrates with Salesforce, and we've even set up text message integration which is what people expect today to help facilitate communication. Since mobile phones are a primary means of communication for nearly everyone, making sure the website works well on mobile and accounts are tied to these devices makes the website easier to use. That means their staff can relax a little as their website works harder for them.

The website has information for students behind a login along with class schedules. It's easy to get started as a student on the website as well. You'll notice a lot of nice design features that help keep prospective students engaged with the website - leading them to contact The Real Estate School to sign up or find out more.

Technically Sound

Since Webstix built the website, it's been put through our checklists and testing to make sure nothing Google wants was missed. Doing that and having it load quickly practically forces search engines to like the websites we create for our clients. The last thing we want is for clients to come back later with a list of things that were missed. That is why we take extra care to set things up correctly and not skip steps just to get to the finish line faster. In the end, that wouldn't help us or our clients.

We've evaluated lots of websites since 2001 and it's tough to break the news to someone that 10-20 things that should have been done when their website was developed were skipped. Either the previous developer didn't know to do those things or didn't care. If things would have been done right, that website owner would have benefited from a website that's easier to use, one that would have loaded faster, and one that would have given them a better return on investment.

Don't start a website project now and then find out years later how the website developer you chose either skipped a bunch of steps or just didn't know the right way to do things. Our hearts sink when we have to give that news, so make sure whichever website company you choose, you have them explain all the steps they do to ensure your website will be a success.

With so many websites being developed today and with all the competition you have, it only makes sense to get things done right so you've maximized all you can do to make the search engines love your website.

And we can also help with Pay Per Click campaigns to help you get more traffic right away or to completely dominate the search engines and squash your competition. Yeah, we're competitive like that for our clients.

Contact Webstix today to find out more.

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What Our Clients Say

I am so impressed with the beautiful website that Webstix designed for IBC Bookkeeping Solutions! The content goes into detail that I had not thought to create on my own. Another thing that is great about working with Webstix is that they move the project along. Updates, requests for information and feedback as well as the general communication of what is happening and how the project is coming along is incredibly refreshing. Thank you, Webstix team!

-CATHY RAMOS, IBC Bookkeeping Solutions, LLC

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