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Wind River Ranch

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Wind River Ranch is a Christian dude ranch for family vacations and retreats. Their ministry is located in Estes Park, Colorado. They offer luxury accommodations, dude ranch activities and programs in the majestic mountains of Colorado.

This is their second website with us. The first website was a major success, ranking them high in search engine results (along with the current website). This second website uses responsive design, making it more accessible on mobile devices. The beautiful, modern design makes it easy for people to see what they have available - along with great pictures of their cabins and facilities.

We love showing off the design of this website because it's very striking and professional looking. Their goal was to have the website convey the level of luxury and professionalism that the ranch provides.

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"I couldn't be more happy with the design of the website. Webstix has done a wonderful job! Thanks so much for your help throughout this process. It has certainly been a pleasure to work with the Webstix team!"

-Crystal, Fountain of Life Church

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