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  • Google Analytics and Google Search Console Account Set up

    Google Analytics and Google Search Console Account Set up


    We set up Google Analytics and Google Search Console for your website. Google Analytics helps you to track the traffic and user behavior on the website. It provides insights about your website performance that help you to enhance your promotional activities.

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  • Gravity Forms – Employment Application Template

    Gravity Forms – Employment Application Template


    Get a custom employment application template for the Gravity Forms plugin (required and sold separately) which you can easy import on your website to create an online application form quickly. We (or you) can also customize the template how you want.

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  • Maintenance Blocks

    Maintenance Blocks

    SKU: MB

    One Maintenance Block is a half hour of work (30 minutes = 1 block). The more blocks you purchase, the bigger discounts you get. Maintenance Blocks last forever, so that’s plenty of time to use them.

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  • Mobile Thumbnail and Favicon Package

    Mobile Thumbnail and Favicon Package


    Mobile thumbnails help people save your website as a bookmark on mobile phone. That way, they can easily access your website on their mobile phone. A favicon enhances your brand, usability and SEO. This package includes designing thumbnails for mobile phones with the correct dimensions and a favicon for your website.

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  • Image of Home for sale

    One Page Real Estate Website


    If you’re selling your home on your own (for sale by owner/FSBO), then you need a website so people can find it. This design is simple, yet effective. It has a slideshow at the top, a description of the property (great so search engines can find it), a photo gallery that’s easy to use, the floor plan/selling points, open house schedule, map, and a contact form.

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  • Press Release Writing and Distribution

    Press Release Writing and Distribution


    We help you in writing the press release for your new website/new products/services that will be distributed to news websites all over the USA. This will boost your brand reputation within the industry. Our press release service is affordable for all small to medium businesses in Madison, WI and surrounding areas.

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  • SEO Website Audit Report with Recommendations

    SEO Website Audit Report with Recommendations


    We audit your website using technical SEO factors, usability and social signals. Based on the analysis, we provide SEO recommendations to help it rank better. Doing this will have a positive impact on how your website ranks if you follow what we suggest. You'll know what shape your website is in (SEO-wise) and what needs to be improved for better rankings.

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  • Social Media Account Branding Package

    Social Media Account Branding Package


    This package includes creating images to put into your social media accounts that will be consistent with your branding:

    – Facebook: Create a Facebook page cover and profile image for your business
    – Twitter: Create a Twitter profile cover image
    – Google : Add cover photos and information about your business to your Google page

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  • SSL Package

    SSL Package


    An SSL (secure sockets layer) certificate is a digital certificate which encrypts sensitive information (credit card data, addresses, passwords) and authenticates the identity of the website. We can force your website to load all pages securely (HTTPS) so any page accessed is forced to be secure.

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  • Voice Search Optimization

    Voice Search Optimization

    SKU: VSO

    Voice Search Optimization brings more website traffic from search engines who put together data for voice search results. The search engine can pick properly labeled content from your website if your content is tagged and optimized correctly.

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  • Website Evaluation

    Website Evaluation (Complete)

    SKU: WE

    Get a complete evaluation of your website done, by hand (manually, not automatic) by our expert team. If you go forward with a new or redesign project with us for a complete website, we’ll credit you this amount.

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  • Wordfence

    WordFence Security Tuneup

    SKU: WST

    WordFence is one of the best security plugins for WordPress and we can tune the plugin for your website to help block suspicious invasions. This service includes a premium version of WordFence installed, plugin configuration and tune for your website.

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  • WordPress Security & Hardening

    WordPress Security & Hardening

    SKU: WSH

    Make Your Website More Secure With Our Website Hardening Service.

    Website security is an important factor for a website. We can reduce the risk of the website hacks by hardening settings in WordPress and other things like permissions. We can stop malicious script execution and secure your website to minimize interruptions.

    WordPress hardening takes the standard installation of WordPress to the next level. It takes care of things your website designer probably missed.

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  • XML Site Map Generation

    XML Site Map Generation


    An XML site map helps search engines index every page of your website and easily find every page – essential for SEO.

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