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13 Reasons for a Website Redesign


Your website is often the foundation of your marketing strategy and business development. Your website is a place where prospects, customers, potential employees, and others can learn more about your business.

It is essential to have a professionally designed and developed website.

We often come across common reasons clients want to redesign their websites or have a new design project. Here are a few reasons we found valid. 

1. Use the Latest Design Strategies

A design refresh can be a solid foundation for your project at the most fundamental level. These are key points to remember:

2. Accessibility

Businesses are trying to make their marketing strategies more inclusive. It is crucial that businesses pay attention to accessibility. You can reach more people by removing any barriers on your website. This will allow you to provide a better user experience.

3. The First Impression

Your web design is a crucial first impression. Your overall design and content strategy must connect your brand experience to your customer relationships. This is also true when hiring top talent.

4. Marketing Strategy

Your sales and marketing campaigns often send people back to your website for more engagement, whether you're using direct mail, paid ads, or face-to face discussions. Your website can be the foundation of all your marketing campaigns. If it isn't up to par, it could cause problems with other campaigns.

5. Brand Evolution

Your brand will continue to evolve over time, so your website must keep up. You may need to make major changes such as a complete brand identity overhaul or smaller changes that are in line with industry trends. In more modern and tech-oriented industries, companies tend to review their overall design style about every 2-5 years. For more conservative markets, it is around every 4 years.

6. Design + Content = Engagement

Synergy (yes! synergy!) between great content, great web design, and great conversions is what will get you the most engagement from your site and more leads for your sales team.

7. The Buyer’s Journey

Your website must speak to prospects at every stage of the buyer's journey. A Content Matrix that you create with your marketing personas is one way to do this.

8. Telling your Story

People like to shop with brands they trust. It is crucial that your website tells your company's story. You should have a design strategy and content strategy that reflects who you are, what you do, and who you do it with.

9. Your Website as a Marketing Tool

When designing pages for your new website, it is important to consider how it will impact future marketing campaigns. This could include creating landing page templates, educational resource libraries, or calls to action. These templates will make it easy to add/edit/delete marketing material.

10. Selecting the right CMS

It is important to choose the right CMS (Content Management System). This will make it easier for you to design your website. There are many platforms available, each with its own pros and cons. Webstix uses WordPress and creates a custom theme specifically for each client that follow industry standards. We don't use templates that cause us extra problems or have compatibility issues.

11. Keyword Relevancy

You need to ensure that your websites are indexed for targeted keywords. This includes both keyword density and placement in the design.

12. Schema and Markup

Technical SEO is important. Search engine crawlers can identify the most important content on your site by making sure your text uses the right markup and schema. This is an important aspect of web page development.

13. Site Speed

The Google ranking algorithm uses load time to determine user experience. Good web design should allow fast page loading and eliminate unnecessary bloat from code.

Need Help on Redesigning Your Website?

Webstix has over two decades of expertise and can help you design the website you want. Contact Webstix if you have any questions about website design. We can help you get the benefit of our experienced team and our high-quality website work.

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