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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing a website to rank higher than your competition on the best keyword (and keyword phrases) in search results. The result is more traffic to websites since people click on results that show up at the top.

Since consumers are now using voice search to make purchases, it's the right moment to invest time in SEO to ensure your business is ranking the highest in your industry.

Webstix, a Top Rated SEO Service Provider in Madison

You are missing out on tons of traffic if your website isn't ranked on Google's first page when you search for terms that relate to your business. And worse, all this traffic is going to your competition who do.

Our SEO consultants at Webstix work hard to create and implement a specialized strategy that will meet all your expectations and outperform your competition due to our experience and process. No matter what size of the project or what business you are in, our SEO specialists in Madison can help.

We help with search engine optimization and work for clients both in the Madison, WI area and in other areas as well - including all over the world. It doesn’t matter if your target audience is local or somewhere else, Webstix is the right choice for improving your business sales.

SEO – a Mix of All Things

SEO is not a single element in website design. For your website to be easily found by search engines, SEO considerations must be integrated into its graphic design, information architecture, content, coding, and programming.

Google search algorithms are greatly affected by the way your web pages are configured, how users are interacting with the website elements, how those pages are linked, and the amount of copy on each.Given these considerations, the graphic designers, copywriters, coders, programmers, and engineers designing your website must be experts in SEO considerations not only relative to their own expertise, but in relation to each other’s contribution to your website. SEO considerations are also one of the major reasons that website development can no longer be a “one person show.” Multiple areas of expertise are required to get the job done correctly.

The solution is to hire experts to do the work for you and that is what Webstix can do. We can handle your website search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC) marketing, content development and social media promotion. We have the expertise to get it done right and get you rankings and traffic.

The Webstix SEO Development Process

SEO Development ProcessBefore SEO is done, the website should be evaluated and more or different calls to action should be added to get more conversions with that website's current/existing traffic. The benefits of this are that the website gets more conversions (leads and sales) right away and then even more when you send more traffic to it.

SEO development must be an integrative process to be successful. Having built hundreds of websites since our founding in 2001, we have developed systems and procedures to ensure that SEO considerations get built into the DNA of your new website—from its initial ideation to its eventual launch.

1. Website Evaluation (On-Site SEO)

The first thing we'll do is evaluate your website. If we didn't create your website, then there's a lot to look at - many, small details. We'll get you a quote on adjusting your website so that when we do start promoting it, search engines will like it and it can best convert website visitors into customers.

We will evaluate your website for its:

  • usability
  • navigation
  • information architecture

and find areas that need to be fixed.

2. Evaluate Your Competition

The next step is to evaluate your top competition.

If you're a football team, you're going to study your competition so that you know what you're up against and then build a strategy to beat them. Without this step, you're aimlessly trying things that might or might not work and it'll take longer to rank. We will evaluate your competition and come with a plan with which we can beat the competition and perform better.

3. Preparing a Customized SEO Strategy and SEO Plan Based on Your Business Website

We will propose a plan that's unique to your business and one that will focus on your business objectives. It will help you achieve the goals your business needs to achieve.

We provide various strategies for:

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Content development and marketing
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • and more

a. On-Page SEO

On-page SEO (also known as on-site SEO) refers to the practice of optimizing your page's content (both the written word as well as the HTML source code and formatting) in order to make it as searchable as possible. We will analyze all on-page factors and create a plan to optimize it based on relevant keywords for your website/business. We will dedicate an important keyword to each priority page and optimize the on-page factors accordingly.

We will do meta tags optimization, Hx tags optimization, image tag optimization, URL optimization, and more.

b. Off-Page SEO

This is a strategy that generates links and ratings to increase your site's credibility and ranking. We use premium tools to analyze your competitors' data and plan exactly what your website must do to rank higher than competitors.

Our professional team understands all key factors in building backlinks. Therefore, we only employ white hat SEO techniques. We know link quality is a key factor in building quality backlinks as an SEO agency. Our link-building strategy emphasizes the acquisition of high-quality, authoritative links that are not spammy.

c. Local SEO

Webstix is your local SEO expert.

We provide fully managed local SEO services. We can help you rank for the keywords that are important to your business. We will provide a customized SEO strategy for your business, expert campaign implementation, regular reporting, and ongoing monitoring.

You can manage your local business listings with us. In addition to our SEO services, we also offer fully managed SEO services.

d. Content Development & Marketing (that focus on branding)

Effective websites require quality content to best represent their brand or services. If you want your website to achieve your sales goals, it must contain search engine optimized, descriptive, original, understandable content. Webstix offer our clients content writing services that meets the high standards that a professional, high-quality website requires.

e. Conversion Optimization

Good SEO doesn't aim to make your website a magnet for web traffic. Good SEO should make your website a conversion machine. Combining CRO and conversion SEO practices will help you convert more customers, which will have a significant impact on your bottom line.

Combining targeted SEO with conversion rate optimization creates a virtuous circle that increases traffic and profits, which will help your company prosper.

Webstix will give you insights best website optimization advices to make your website more profitable that will help you to get a full picture of how we can increase conversion rates on your website.

4. Monthly Contract

Once your website has been set up correctly, keywords have been researched and your competition evaluated, it's time to put together a monthly SEO contract. This contract will typically run for either 6 or 12 months and have a budget starting at $2000 per month. It could be more depending on your competition.

When doing SEO, you just don't do a bunch of things at once and wait for results. You want to start with 1-2 things, wait for results and then adjust the plan and do more. We know what will work but each bit of work done must be measured. This is why contracts need to go for 12 months but we do work with clients on 6 month contracts occasionally.

Every month, you'll get a report showing your keywords, rankings and website traffic. We'll update the keywords list for you as well. You can use this list as a guide to writing content if you also plan on working on some content yourself (let's work together on this). work together on this).

Let's Talk...

E-Commerce SEO

E-commerce SEO StrategiesOur extensive inbound market experience is combined with deep technical SEO knowledge to create solutions for e-ommerce sites. All our strategies are based on strict SEO checklists, audits, and custom-made solutions specifically for e-commerce websites.

Our team provide a combination of industry-leading SEO practices and tailored e-cCommerce strategies. We offer support for all SEO projects, with dedicated Project Managers that guide clients from the initial stages of their projects to the completion of deliverables. Contact Webstix to increase your visibility and optimizing your store for search traffic. We will implement the right combination of SEO strategies and plans to bring out the best from your online store.

Do We Guarantee a #1 Ranking?

Absolutely not.

And you should not go with a company that does... no way.

If you do, then you've just given them consent to do whatever they want or need to do to get your website ranked #1. That includes tactics that Google would definitely label as being questionable and trying to cheat. Sure, that might work for a little while, but when Google catches on to what you did, your website gets slapped and, at that point, it'll cost you 10 times as much (or more) to recover. You may even need to start a new website on a new domain name with new content and everything.

Never, ever hand over the keys to your website to someone that guarantees you will rank #1. Never.

Why Choose Us

1. Customized Strategy

Webstix sets goals for each client project, then creates the proper plans and strategies to achieve these goals within a given time frame. After conducting extensive market research about a customer's brand, and offering, we map out each plan. For each project, our SEO experts do a SWOT analysis to highlight the main strengths, weaknesses and opportunities as well as threats.

Our job is to maximize strengths and opportunities, as well as to reduce risk and threat factors with our well-designed plans.

2. Transparency

We maintain transparency in all aspects of our SEO services. We believe transparency is the key to building client trust in SEO services. Our client is kept informed of the results of our monthly efforts. Monthly reports highlight the key outcomes of our SEO efforts. Our monthly link building report highlights where we have made links and where work is still in progress. Clients will be provided with a complete record of links. They will be contacted monthly to review their plans and goals. During this call, we review the work and made plans for future work.

3. Personalized Customer Service

Got a question? No problem. You can directly contact the dedicated SEO consultant that’s assigned to your project. We will adjust our strategy to suit your requirements as well.

Webstix strives to be the best Madison SEO agency and Website design company. As a Madison SEO company, we are proud of our customer service and the high-quality work we provide. We encourage you to research about our company. We would love to help you build your digital presence and help grow your business. Connect with us for more details. 


    • Why do I need SEO for my business?

      Users trust search engines, and achieving a top spot in search engine rankings signals to searchers that your site is a credible source. The higher you rank in results pages, the more clicks and traffic your site will generate. SEO also improves user experience, making it more likely for customers to become repeat buyers.

    • How do I track my results?

      There are multiple tools available to track website performance. You can get data on how many visitors are there on a website, how they are accessing the website, time spent and the action taken on the website.

      Webstix provides detailed monthly reports to its SEO clients with full data. This done so our clients can understand how they are benefit by subscribing to our SEO services.

    • What is local SEO?

      Local SEO uses a geographical component. A search engine can detect if a user searches by industry and location. In order to improve the relevancy of your business in the local market, you need to invest on local SEO.

    • Does duplicate content affect SEO?

      Site owners could lose rankings and traffic if they have duplicate content. There is a good chance that the original page won't be chosen for the top search results. This is just one of the reasons duplicate content is bad for SEO.

      Sometimes, having duplicate content isn't even your fault - other websites could have stolen your content and this can still affect your website - even though you are the victim. We have ways of easily detecting duplicate content and fixing it for you.

    • Which is better, SEO or PPC?

      It depends on your industry and budget. Ideally, both SEO and a well-structured PPC campaigns tend to lead to the best results for a business. If you have the budget and you need to see an immediate impact, you can choose PPC. But it can still take time and trial and error to hone in on ads that convert without overpaying for results.

      If you have a longer timeline in mind and don’t need to see immediate results, then SEO efforts can offer some of the best results and return over time. You won’t be subject to always paying for website traffic and leads or having to come up with new ads to combat ad blindness.

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