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It's All About Positioning, Differentiation and Branding!

Marble is standing out from the others

People only buy things online when they read words that make them want to buy those things.

Think about that. Words really matter.

Terrible sales copy is costing you thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars and you might not even know it. We don't know what we don't know, right?

Most website owners are wasting their money on websites because the ad copy - the text, the headlines, etc. are not carefully crafted by an expert to make the reader want to buy your products or use your services. Do you think companies like Coca-Cola, Target and Starbucks just "wing it" when it comes to what text they put on ads and their website? Even when they were smaller, did they come up with it themselves or get help?

Even though you may not want to be a big company, you need to act that way - in terms of your marketing. By not doing that, you're just lighting your marketing money on fire to watch it burn. The message is important. Again... words matter.

A New Website Won't Get You More Traffic and Sales

Did that heading catch your attention? See? It's about words.

And it's true. Sometimes our clients think just having a new website will help them get more traffic and sales. Sure, the new website might be built better and rank better but if it's the same, old message that doesn't work, you simply won't get more sales.

For example, your headlines need a hook - present a problem. From there, you solve the problem and then add a resolution, which is the benefit.

Most business website don't work. Webstix builds websites that simply work better to help businesses get true return on investment.

The words need to work. Webstix can help.

The Art of Web Copywriting: Create Results with Your Words

Even if only 25% of the more than one billion website out there are active, that still leaves 250 million active ones. Of course, you don’t need to differentiate yourself from all of them. But you do want to stand out from your competition with content that’s valuable to your target audience. The question is how.

Yes, it’s crucial to have a website that looks great and functions effectively. But that’s just not enough. Webstix has been designing sites for more than 15 years. Our extensive experience has not only afforded us tremendous insight on effective web design—it’s allowed us to understand just how crucial a website’s written content (aka its “copy”) has become. In fact, that’s exactly why we offer web copywriting services to you.

Content That Connects: The Benefits of Webstix Copywriters

You may know the story of your company or organization better than anyone. You may be able to reel off a long list of company facts that you think are impressive. But creating effective content for your website takes a lot more than simply dumping the details of your company on a few pages. That’s because your website’s words represent the voice of your brand.

So...what will you ultimately say, and, just as important, how will you say it? If your web content is all about you, you, you, if it’s stiff, formulaic, and long-winded, if it fails to sound like a real person opening a conversation, it will fail to connect with your target audience.

Here’s the simple truth. Your website visitors likely have this fundamental question on their mind: How can you benefit me?

That’s why your content should focus on answering that question. The great news for you is that Webstix provides web writing specialists who understand the importance of crafting audience-focused content.

Working with Webstix copywriters means...

  • Your content creates action-takers, not just site visitors. Sure, your website must convey information, but its ultimate purpose is to generate more of something—more sales, applicants, clients/customers, maybe even just more inquiries. Webstix copywriters create content that anticipates the motives of ýour site visitors. With the right message, they’ll be more compelled to take the next step—whatever you want that to be.
  • Your writing gets done—expertly and efficiently! In other words, you’ll have no excuses for putting your web writing on hold again and again. Why not? Because Webstix copywriters will carry the writing weight for you through a detailed content development process (described below). Ultimately, all you’ll need to do is review the drafted content, request edits where you want, and give your final approval before it goes live.
  • You’ll have reader-friendly web pages. Your web copy is about way more than just the words themselves. Your website visitors are likely to scan a page before they actually start reading. They’re looking for an attractive entry point to your content. Webstix copywriters understand that text on a web page must be presented strategically. Engaging headings, shorter paragraphs, attention-grabbing text boxes—techniques like these increase the chances that your words will actually get read.

The Process: Stay Focused on Your Business While We Get the Writing Done

When you work with a Webstix copywriter, your website’s content will be polished, persuasive, and, most important, purposeful. That’s because our writers not only develop a thorough understanding of your brand and your desired voice—they also identify the goals you want to achieve with your website. They do this through a strategic process that involves...

  • Reviewing your existing company information, marketing materials, and other branding pieces
  • Researching your industry and analyzing your competitors
  • Identifying your company differentiators
  • Gathering crucial insights and information by conducting thorough interviews with your key staff
  • Working with you and Webstix designers to make sure you have the necessary web pages covered

Copywriting and SEO: Rank Higher in Web Searches

Webstix copywriters work closely with our design team to implement smart search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. That’s really just a fancy way of saying we’re going to work hard to help you get found on the web. Web content that uses appropriate keywords is definitely important for a site to rank high in a web search, and so is the sheer number of words you have on each page.

However, simply sprinkling keywords throughout a web page that rambles on and on will not do the trick. To put it another way, you can’t game the algorithm system of search engines like Google. The “secret” to great web content that ranks high isn’t so secret—as Google itself makes clear: “Keep in mind that your content should be created primarily to give visitors a good user experience, not to rank well in search engines.”

So what constitutes “a good user experience”? Providing easily accessible, compelling information that’s written in a conversational style—and presented in a reader-friendly way. That’s precisely what Webstix copywriters focus on.

Please contact Webstix for more information on our copywriting services.

megaphoneYour Message is the Heart of Your Website

Writing copy (text) for your website can be a daunting task if you go it alone but it's important - maybe more than you think.

Your message is the heart of your website. It's words. Words need to be crafted in a way where you clearly explain your points of differentiation. If you don't effectively do that, you'll end up sounding just like everyone else, and what's the point of creating a new website then?

Some of our clients choose to do this themselves, while others choose to have our copywriters help them carefully craft an effective message using an outside (customer-like) perspective.

Webstix copywriters are marketing communications specialists. They can provide intellectual coordination, content development, and powerful messages for your new Web project.

Intellectual Coordination

Typically, different people have different stakes in the content of a website. Coordinating their respective contributions and distilling them into a single voice and message takes time & talent—not to mention diplomacy.

  • You will save time, money, and burdened costs by having a Webstix copywriter coordinate the development of your website content.
  • You will avoid the indelicacy of having to critique the writing of your colleagues and partners—or flogging them to meet deadlines!

The State of Awareness of Your Audience / Brand

The state of awareness is a fundamental exercise to go through as copy is developed. There are 5 stages:

  1. Your audience knows of your product and wants it but just hasn't got around to buying it yet.
  2. Your audience knows of your product but does not want to buy it yet.
  3. Your audience is not aware of your product, but is aware of a desire he has which your product would fulfill.
  4. Your audience is not aware of your product, though they have a need which has to be fulfilled.
  5. Your audience is not aware of your product and they are not aware of any need or desire they have relating to what your product does.

For example, with #1 above - if they know about your product and need to get around to purchasing it, all you have to do is put it on sale and they will respond. Things get more tricky when your audience does not know about your product or service and needs to be educated about it or be educated about their need for what you provide.

This is where our expert copywriters do their magic. They have experience with each stage and how to carefully craft the copy on your website to match what is going on in the real world.

Content Development

Computer keyboard with pencilA website is a worldwide pronouncement about your company's positioning, differentiation, and branding statements. Therefore, both "voice" and content are serious business.

  • If you've already articulated these statements about your company and its various products, our copywriters will ensure your website and collateral are consistent with each.
  • Alternatively, should these statements still be undeveloped or in flux, our copywriters can help you develop them quickly and efficiently—an extra benefit from your website project.

Powerful Messages

Creating effective copy is both an art and science. Although your product has many great features, never assume its benefits are obvious to your potential customers.

  • Our copywriters will develop powerful, succinct copy that's written grammatically and delivered on time.
  • Our copywriters are conversant with a broad range of products and technologies, including food, fashion, science, technical, engineering, medical, and professional enterprises.


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Brandsformation bookOur Favorite Book: Brandsformation

How do you get into the minds of customers and connect with them?

Do it with a top of mind business branding and marketing plan.

This is the marketing strategy Webstix believes in. It can be implemented by both small and large size businesses. You can win the game of branding if you know what to do and do it the right way.

Compete with the big guys and then become a big guy if you want. It's all right there in Brandsformation by Chuck Mefford.

It's an easy read of just 110 pages and you'll learn branding in a whole, new way.

Here's a review of the book that pretty much sums it up:

Review of brandsformation book

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