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When you hire us to build your website we keep one thing first and foremost in mind: that the purpose of that website is to attract visitors and convert them to sales.

Your website should not an opportunity for some “graphic artist” to challenge the parameters of modern website design, or for some programmer to install the latest and greatest—albeit unproven—bells & whistles.

Instead, when we begin your website project, we interview you thoroughly to understand your goals and requirements. Then, we direct all of our design and programming efforts to meet those requirements and achieve those goals.

Want an example?

Depending on the page, your website will likely need different kinds of calls to action to move your prospect toward conversion: getting someone to email, or pick up the phone, or fill out a Contact Us form, or sign up for a newsletter, or follow you on social media, and… ultimately… buy something.

Our design and marketing teams will work with you to articulate the goals for your website—comprehensively and page-by-page.

Ever Hear of Split Testing?

A/B split testingRather than guess, it is better to measure empirically what page design works best. This is why we conduct split testing for pages.

As the name suggests, we will design two versions of the same page and program your website so that half your visitors interact with one version while the other half interacts with the other.

The page that garners the best conversion rate points the way to further design changes until we—as well as you— are convinced that we have achieved the design that results in the most conversions.

Split testing is very important for your landing pages, as these are the main pages of your website and will typically have a layout that differs from your homepage. For example, features such as sidebars might be removed to reduce distraction and allow more room for content.

Also, once you know which pages on your website test positive for the most visits, you can direct your AdWords and PPC campaigns toward them, thereby spending your advertising dollars more wisely.

Doing it Right

In sum, you need a website that produces sales and leads. Getting that accomplished is a fundamental of your website. It cannot be squeezed in later.

Since 2001, we have built hundreds of websites across numerous manufacturing and industrial enterprises, allowing us to adapt what we see working well in one industry for application in another.

Perfect for B2B and Manufacturers

This lead generation system works great for B2B companies, manufacturers, distributors and more.

You can get a free trial to see how it works. Webstix will install the tracking code for free, we'll let stats build up for a few days and then we can show you the dashboards and the kinds of leads that can be generated from your website that you're currently missing out on.

Just contact Webstix today!

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“Your company and its professionalism are proof positive that distance truly does not matter when completing a large project such as this.”
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