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Dealer Locator / Google Maps

We have done many website projects with dealer locator functions built in, which show results of the search on a Google Maps map right on your website.

GPS location browser boxWebsite visitors either enter in their ZIP code or we can use their current location via GPS (if they are using a mobile device) or the approximate location of their computer. They then get results using Google Maps so they can use information in their Google account to get directions.

There are a lot of names for this kind of “app” (you could say). It can be called a:

  • Dealer Locator – for manufacturers
  • Store / Shop Locator – for retail stores
  • ZIP Code Locator
  • Product Locator
  • Locator Software

We can do a number of things to customize the map as well. We can use custom icons, display custom text in the address bubble, put a marker in a general area (instead of the exact location) and more.

Dealer Locator Benefits

Today, your website visitors are expecting to be able to go to your website and find where they can buy your products. If your website doesn’t have this feature, then your competition probably does and you are giving them an advantage. Your website visitors may leave your website and go to your competition just because they offer a store locator.

The results are fast, too – especially when you compare to someone calling or emailing you for this information.

This dealer locator/store locator technology works exceptionally well on mobile devices since the website can ask the person for their physical location using the built-in GPS (Global Positioning System) on their smart phone.

Really, a store locator directs people – who are ready to buy – to where they can buy your products. There’s really no reason to not have this on your website. People have money in hand and want to buy your product. Isn’t it time your website helps them do that?

Store Locator Examples

Here are some examples of websites where we’ve set up a dealer locator type of function:

Lee Recreation – Installations Near You (Click to View)

Lee Recreation dealer locator

For this website, they install playground equipment. Since most of this equipment is outdoors, having a way for people to go and find an installation near them is a great way to physically show off their work portfolio.

Enter your ZIP code or allow your web browser to find your location and watch it go to work.

They only do installations in Wisconsin, so if you’re viewing this from outside of Wisconsin, the results won’t be correct. If you want to enter a ZIP code, use our ZIP code – 53718.

Family Works – Find a Family (Click to View)

Family locator map

Family Works helps recruit new foster home families and they wanted a map (in Wisconsin) showing where they have families located. The catch was, they didn’t (of course) want to show the exact address of the foster home. Instead of showing the exact address, we put a home marker in the general area.

We then populated the marker bubble text with more information about the family in that area.

Samsung Machine Tools (Click to View)

Dealer locator

This website has a true dealer locator on it. This client is able to modify what text is displayed in each result listing. The locator works in the USA, Canada and Mexico, which is where they have dealers. Canadian ZIP codes are different (they contain letters) and we got that working with no problems.

Ready to Get One?

You get to edit and change all the locations yourself, so it’s easy to manage. You’re not calling us to get things changed, so it’s not a hassle to install and run a dealer locator on your website.

Again, with this tool on your website, you’re better able to guide customers (with cash in hand) to locations where your products are sold – or talk to the right person in their area. Either way, they’re interested in buying or are ready to buy. Let your website close the loop and close the sale for you – quickly and easily.

Contact Webstix today to find out how we can help you install a dealer locator on your website.

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