Website / Business Lead Generation

Once you have a Webstix website set up, the next thing to do is get leads to your business via your website. If you have a B2B (Business to Business) website/company, then we have a great solution for you.

In fact, this is something we’ve had clients wanting for years!

What If You Could Get the Email Addresses
of People Who Visit Your Website?

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That’s basically what we can provide to you now in this day and age. Years ago, this kind of thing sounded nearly impossible – and it actually was. You can now get the contact information of people that come to your website… it’s downright amazing!

We’re even doing this on our website. If you’re visiting our website at your company, our website is actually reporting where you’re coming from – as nearly every website does BUT when we put that information into a database, we all of a sudden can see lots of information about your company and we may even be able to figure out who, exactly is visiting our website.

lead generation visitor list

You will find out:

  • Name of the company/organization
  • Location
  • How they came to your website
  • Keywords (if any – this might be limited)
  • Page views
  • How long they stayed
  • Which pages they visited

In most cases, it’s not too difficult to even get an email address of the person that most likely visited your website.

You can then even use this system as a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) where you can categorize them, assign leads to sales people and more!

Don’t Know How to Treat These Leads?

Not only do you find out who, exactly, is visiting your website but you even get training on how to contact them. Find out which strategies work best for these “warm” leads so that you can get past the gatekeeper, reach out to them and close the sale!

With a small investment, you’ll be able to close leads that you’re already paying for – yes, you’ve put work into your website and if you’re not mining all the information you’ve paid your website to provide, you’re not getting a full return on your investment. Just one small step further gets you there!

Perfect for B2B and Manufacturers

This lead generation system works great for B2B companies, manufacturers, distributors and more.

You can get a free trial to see how it works. Webstix will install the tracking code for free, we’ll let stats build up for a few days and then we can show you the dashboards and the kinds of leads that can be generated from your website that you’re currently missing out on.

Just contact Webstix today and let us know you’d like the lead-gen free trial.. simple!

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