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Magento Updates Released - 07-07-2015

Magento Community Edition 1.9.2 / SUPEE-6285

There is a new release for Magento out.

Magento Community Edition 1.9.2 is Now Available (magento.com)

Magento Community Edition 1.9.2 is now available for download. This latest release provides merchants with enhancements that make it easier to build and maintain a high quality and secure site.

Magento Community Edition 1.9.2 updates include:

  • Technology updates and quality improvements: This new release includes the latest versions of the Zend 1 Framework and Redis integration, as well as over 105 quality improvements throughout the product.
  • Automated functional testing framework: Community Edition merchants with in-house development teams can now access nearly 170 automated functional tests. This can help improve implementation quality and time to market by making it easier to do basic acceptance testing when adding extensions, making customizations, or upgrading.
  • Continuous security enhancements: Community Edition 1.9.2 incorporates recent security patches (SUPEE-5344, SUPEE-5994, and SUPEE-6285) into the core code to help merchants better protect their sites. Merchants on earlier versions of Community Edition should apply the patches to fix these critical security gaps, or upgrade to Community Edition 1.9.2. View the latest security information on the Magento Security Center.


Magento Community Edition 1.9.2 (merch.docs.magento.com)

SUPEE-6285 Patch Bundle

This bundle provides protection against several types of security-related issues, including information leaks, request forgeries, and cross-site scripting.

Our Website Maintenance Department will be in contact with our clients regarding this upgrade.

If you haven't signed up for automatic upgrades for Magento - please do that here:

Upgrade Program (webstix.com)


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