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Email Being Kept a Maximum of 60 Days

If you are using webmail to get and manage your email on our servers, then please note that effective November 1, 2012, we wiill be running a nightly process to delete email that is older than 60 days. If you need to keep email, then we suggest either downloading them or else use a program […]

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Webstix WordPress Upgrade Policy

Performing WordPress Updates We have updated our policy on doing WordPress upgrades. We're now waiting on applying major releases. Please see this article for more information: WordPress Releases and Road Map -Tony

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Problems With Upgrading Your Website Software Problems With Upgrading Your Website Software

Upgrades to Website Software Like Joomla, WordPress, Magento, Drupal and DotNet Nuke We've been posting articles here about security lately. It's very important. There has been a rise in website hacking (not particularly with us but just in general). So why do these hacks happen and what needs to be done to prevent them? What […]

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Keep Your Website Software Up to Date Keep Your Website Software Up to Date

"I Have to Upgrade My Website? What?" Your website is actually running software if you are using a Content Management System or any kind of script (versus just having static, HTML pages) - even if there's just a tiny script that just sends you an email from a form. This includes websites running WordPress, Joomla, […]

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WordPress Hack Clean Up

Need a WordPress Hack Cleanup? There seems to be a pretty widespread hack going around WordPress websites. If you upgrade to the latest version, you should be safe: WordPress 3.1 is Out I helped clean up 2 hacked WP sites this last weekend. The hack wasn't too bad. It involved the hacker inserting an iframe […]

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VirtueMart SQL Injection Vulnerability

If your website is using VirtueMart and you host with us, we will be upgrading your site with a patch: VirtueMart "search_category" SQL Injection Vulnerability Description Andrea Fabrizi has discovered a vulnerability in VirtueMart, which can be exploited by malicious people to conduct SQL injection attacks. Input passed via the "search_category" parameter to index.php (when […]

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PHP Upgrade

There was an upgrade done on our web2 server last night. We did try to make sure that everything would work properly before the upgrade happened but with all upgrades, there could be some problems. If you experience anything unusual, please let us know. -Tony

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Can I Update Everything on My Website?

One question we often hear people ask if they can update everything on their website. Our answer is yes but there's a bit of an asterisk with that and it has to do with security. The more you open up a website through a web interface (a Content Management System), the more you risk with […]

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Hacking is for Real - Is Your Website Software Up to Date?

Recent attacks on government sites: Cyber attackers target South Korea and US (www.guardian.co.uk) All software has holes in it. It's all hackable. The question is, do you want to make it easy for hackers to hack your site or difficult? Make sure all software running your website is up to date. This includes your CMS, […]

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