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WordPress 4.4.2 is Out

WordPress 4.4.2 Released

There's a new version of WordPress out. It is a security release, so we suggest that you upgrade to keep your website working without any compromises or shutdowns from your host.

WordPress 4.4.2 Security and Maintenance Release (wordpress.org)

WordPress 4.4.2 is now available. This is a security release for all previous versions and we strongly encourage you to update your sites immediately.

WordPress versions 4.4.1 and earlier are affected by two security issues: a possible XSS for certain local URIs, reported by Ronni Skansing; and an open redirection attack, reported by Shailesh Suthar.

We suggest upgrading since this is a security release.There have been a number of plugins that have been upgraded recently, so it would be good to get this update done because we will also upgrade any plugins that are out of date.

Upgrade Now

Our Website Maintenance Department will be in contact with you regarding these upgrades. Clients that have signed up for our Automatic WordPress Update Program will get their website updated promptly.

View the complete list of WordPress versions here.

Read more about why WordPress updates are important.


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