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[SOLVED] WordPress Editor Stopped Working [SOLVED] WordPress Editor Stopped Working

I was trying to work on our own website yesterday (this website) and there was a problem with the WordPress editor. We use the Classic Editor and the "Text" tab didn't work, I couldn't use the "Add Media" button, and some other things didn't work. I was stuck. I couldn't make edits on any pages. […]

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Web Design in 2020 Web Design in 2020

Post-Quarantine Website Design in 2020... And Why You Should Care In this new environment, online usage has skyrocketed. At home, I just checked my usage and it's up 150%. Many businesses now have transitioned where most of their staff now works at home instead of in the office. More people are ordering products and food […]

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Website Return on Investment - Should You Invest? Website Return on Investment - Should You Invest?

When looking at building a new website (a website redesign project), it's important to do some calculations and figure out the return on investment (ROI) for that website. This article will give some tips and insights into website ROI. The Website ROI Formula To figure it out, here's a basic formula: (Revenue Increase from the […]

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A Lot Has Changed in 20 Years A Lot Has Changed in 20 Years

The first websites we worked on were pure HTML - no CSS, no JS, and no WordPress. If we wanted a button somewhere, we had to design each pixel instead of using CSS to draw the button. Back then, there was hardly any e-commerce and the tools to do it were not friendly. Yes, a […]

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Words Matter Words Matter

During the quarantine, we kept pretty busy at Webstix but I was able to squeeze in a copywriting class and I absolutely loved it. I learned a ton and continue to learn but right near the end of the first 21 day section, I learned something pretty scary. I learned that you can get people […]

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Is More Fields on a Contact Form Better? Is More Fields on a Contact Form Better?

Contact forms are a staple on most websites, but have you ever thought of why they're there? The main purpose of contact forms is to make it easy for someone to contact the business owner. They just type in their contact info, maybe include a message, and... send! Another advantage is that a contact form […]

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Post-Pandemic Business Solutions Via the Web Post-Pandemic Business Solutions Via the Web

Thank you all for hanging on while it's been a while since I've posted to the blog. During the pandemic, we actually been really busy. We've been doing a lot of cool things, too. One thing we've been working on a lot - even over the last year is business solutions. This is everything from […]

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The 5 Most Important Things to Do With Your Website to Move Forward The 5 Most Important Things to Do With Your Website to Move Forward

At this time, the economy has been shut down 3 weeks with only essential businesses open - and others working virtually, as they can. Times have changed for sure and it's not easy seeing people affected by a serious flu outbreak. So What Does This Mean For Your Business and Website? It's time to move […]

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When Website Design Goes Horribly Wrong When Website Design Goes Horribly Wrong

Over the years, things have really changed in the website design industry. Back in 2001 when we got started, all websites were straight HTML and there was maybe one CGI script set up for the form on the Contact Us page. E-commerce stores were pretty complex to set up, too. Today, there's a lot of […]

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California Privacy Policy Template California Privacy Policy Template

Privacy Policy Laws Are Changing! Get a New Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for Your Website The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is a new law concerning data privacy and it applies to certain businesses who collect personal information from California residents. This new law goes into effect on January 1, 2020 and will […]

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