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How to Get Better Reviews Online for Your Business

More Good Reviews, Less Bad Reviews... In a Snap!

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Today, reviews really matter. People check them before buying because they're so easy to find now. Just take the phone out of your pocket, do a search, and reviews instantly appear. It's almost too easy, right?

  • 92% of consumers now read online reviews, indicating the pervasive influence of digital feedback on purchasing decisions. With the advent of smartphones and ubiquitous internet access, accessing reviews has become second nature for consumers, underscoring the importance for businesses to maintain a positive online reputation.
  • 68% say positive reviews make them trust a local business more, emphasizing the profound impact of positive feedback on consumer trust and brand perception. Businesses that cultivate a repository of positive reviews stand to gain a competitive edge in attracting and retaining customers.
  • 44% say a review must be written within one month to be relevant, highlighting the temporal relevance of online reviews. Businesses must actively manage and solicit reviews to ensure a steady stream of recent feedback that resonates with consumers making purchasing decisions.

How to Get Rid of Bad Online Reviews

Hey, bad reviews happen because you can't please everyone. If you have some bad reviews, you definitely have some options if you want to get rid of them - and who doesn't want to do that?

Try to Reach Out / Contact Them

One option is to contact that customer and ask them what you can do to change their mind. This is a great way to reach out to make the situation right. Showing you care will go a long way. Maybe they wrote it in haste and since they've had some time to cool down, they might consider removing it or maybe you can offer them a discount or free item if they come back.

In addition to reaching out to dissatisfied customers directly, businesses can also leverage public platforms to demonstrate their commitment to customer satisfaction. Responding to negative reviews publicly showcases the business's responsiveness and willingness to address customer concerns, thereby mitigating the impact of negative feedback.

Push Bad Reviews Out of Sight

If the first option won't work, then your next option is to get as many more good reviews as you can so the good ones dominate your profile. You can do this by reaching out to customers that you know had a good experience. That way, you know they'll write some good reviews for you.

Furthermore, businesses can implement strategies to amplify positive reviews and overshadow negative feedback. Encouraging satisfied customers to leave reviews and testimonials can help bolster the business's online reputation and drown out unfavorable comments.

The tricky part is, if you reach out to all your customers, you're taking the risk of more bad reviews appearing... or are you? (we have a solution for this - so keep reading!)

You Want Lots of Good Reviews on Different Websites

Illustration of a man looking confused when giving a reviewYou want good reviews not just on Google but on others sites like Yelp, Facebook, TripAdvisor, and any others that pertain to the industry you're in - anywhere people are seeing your reviews, basically. Make sure that no matter where someone looks up your business, you look your best. Getting more reviews will often skyrocket your listing up to the top on many websites, so lots of good review (4-5 stars) is definitely what you want. Also, make sure you have at least 25% more reviews than your competition.

Expanding your presence across multiple review platforms enhances your visibility and credibility among diverse consumer segments. By soliciting reviews on platforms relevant to your industry, businesses can ensure comprehensive coverage and maximize their reach to potential customers.

To make sure you know which review websites to target, do a search for your business and then add the word "reviews" to your search. Do this on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Mark down each website that shows up. Make sure you have a claimed profile on each of those websites so that you can edit things like your business hours, address, logo, pictures, and also so you can respond to any reviews.

Ensuring consistency and accuracy across all review platforms is essential for maintaining brand integrity and facilitating seamless customer experiences. Claiming and managing business profiles on various websites empowers businesses to control their online presence and engage with customers effectively.

You Want Your Customers Posting and Sharing on Your Behalf

Did you know that Facebook changed their algorithm for what gets shown in people's news feeds? In order to clear out junk and keep people using Facebook, they had to make some changes. Today, stories from businesses won't get seen hardly at all. Instead, Facebook is favoring posts from your friends and family. So when you post as your business, very few (if anyone) will see your post. It's essentially a waste of time unless you really know how to reach out and really work your social media (which takes a lot of time and expertise).

Expanding your reach on social media requires a strategic approach that prioritizes customer advocacy and engagement. Instead of relying solely on business-generated content, businesses should harness the power of customer advocacy to amplify their message and expand their reach organically.

If you can, instead, get your customers (who are real people on Facebook - not a business account) posting and sharing for you, then that is when you get the traffic you need from social media.

A good way to do this is with events. Post events because they show up and get more priority over other posts. If you can't think of an event, make one up. Your event can be a sale or discount on a certain day.

Check-ins are also great because people are telling their friends where they are and which business they choose. These posts are seen by lots of people's friends and get great exposure. You can incentivize a check-in with a discount or promotion.

Another great way to get seen is with reviews. Getting customers (again... people) to share their experience is great because that lives on your account forever, essentially. But you don't want bad reviews there - just the good/great ones, right? When people do check in, others will see your reviews and rating, so you must get that looking good before you ask people to start checking in.

And if your Facebook page doesn't have posts for the last 2 years, that's not going to look good either. People think the business is dead or not active. Other information like a phone number or hours that aren't up to date can also be a disaster. If there's no cover image or the profile is incomplete, things get even worse.

So there's a bit of homework that needs to be done if you've been slacking behind.

In Conclusion:

In today's digital landscape, managing online reviews and leveraging customer advocacy on social media are paramount for businesses seeking to thrive. By prioritizing positive reviews, engaging with dissatisfied customers, and maintaining an active and relevant social media presence, businesses can enhance their reputation, attract more customers, and ultimately drive growth and success.

If you need help getting more reviews or to get your website ranked higher with our SEO service, contact Webstix today, and we'll get back to you.


Source for stats: https://www.vendasta.com/blog/50-stats-you-need-to-know-about-online-reviews

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