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11 Tips on How to Buy a Good Domain Name

Buying the right domain name matters. If you get the wrong one, you could find yourself with a lot of problems - like terrible ranking where you have to fight to get Google to rank your website. That's not good and it's something that can easily be prevented.

Stick with a brand name and NOT a keyword for your domain - that is most important. For example, "Nike" is a brand name. It doesn't mean anything except for the items that Nike sells. It's not like "BestWebsiteDesigner.com" or something silly like that. Do not buy a domain name that is a phrase someone would type into a search engine. That would be a monumental mistakes.

If you can, but a domain name that's a new word. Nike is a good example and so is Webstix. That's a new word. The benefit is that it's super easy to track it online. This is probably the best advice I can give you on buying a domain - go with a brand name that is a new word... you'll thank me later.

Some domain name buying basics:

  1. Buy a .com
  2. Make sure you spelled it right.
  3. Buy the .org and .net if you want to protect your brand.
  4. Buy the misspellings of your domain name if applicable. For example, we own WebSticks.com.
  5. Also, but the "sucks" version of your domain name so that nobody else can buy it.
  6. Keep the domain name short.
  7. Avoid buying trademarked names.
  8. Do an impromptu focus group and ask people what they think of a domain name you're considering buying.
  9. Buy the plural of your domain name if applicable. Do it for protection of your brand.
  10. Register the domain for 5 years or more. Registering a domain for 10 years is best.
  11. Buy your domain name at Webstix Domains.

Get more tips here:

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