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Check Out This Website Success Story! Traffic Galore!

Website Traffic Increases Dramatically!

We have a client that we created a new website for last year. Their traffic from their old site was very low - probably 30 page views a day. They're a local service company, so they're not obviously getting national traffic but they have a business to business service that most businesses will need.

We converted their website to responsive design over a year ago and their traffic has gone way up - check it out:

Since then, we've been talking with this client and he's very, very happy. He can't get over how much traffic and business that they're getting from their website. It's new visitors, too!

They're getting a lot of new business and customers and their revenue has gone up. They're a screaming success and it all started with their website!

Now these results might not be typical but when you get a website created the right way and one that's good for SEO (search enging optimization - ranking high on search results), then you might end up being in just the right place at the right time. His competition didn't seem to jump on responsive design soon enough and he was able to capitalize on that and is now the leader in his category.

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P.S. If you want to find out which company in Madison this is, just give us a call!

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