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Does Your Website's Content Matter?

How Important is Website Content?

Your website has some content on it. It's been there a while. How do you know if it's good content? Has it been there too long? How often do you need to update content on a website?

Wow, these are good questions!

I think most website owners (business owners, organization heads, etc.) undervalue how important their website is. I can tell because they don't update their websites enough. Most people out there are not writers, right? I obviously like to write. I'm probably certifiably crazy in that regard but I think it's kind of fun. Again, not a normal thing.

So how much do you need to update content?

Well, I'll get to that in a minute. First, look at your current content (and by "content" I mean text/copy and images). Is that content up to date? Are there mistakes or errors? That's the first thing to do - get in there and update everything. That's important. If you need help, then our website maintenance department is here to help you.

How Often Should I Post to My Website?

Good question... how about every day? If you can't every day, then start with 1 post per week. This ads 52 new pages of content to your website a year. Yes, 300 more pages is better but start with what you can do, it's something.

If you don't have any way or anywhere to post your content, then you may have to take a step back and set up a blog. We can help with that. You should be posting this new content on your blog. That's what it's there for and Google likes blogs with good, new, original content.

Adding Content is Even More Important With E-Commerce Websites

If you have a website with a shopping cart and you want to sell more, then you need to be adding more content. Here's a good article to look over:

Why Thin Content is Hurting Your Ecommerce Site & How to Fix It (searchenginewatch.com)

As ecommerce continues to grow, a larger percentage of shopping takes place exclusively online. Search engines are the virtual malls where searchers window shop for their next purchase, from whichever device is most convenient.

While many brands with loyal customers can trust in continued business for their core offering – say, premium down parkas – how does a business lure in new customers online for this successful product line? Search is an obvious, but not always easy choice. Now it’s time to either pay for or make a play for premium organic real estate for “down parkas” in the search engine results.

You can be adding content to blog posts and you can be adding or re-writing content on your products.

Ok, I think I need to say that again for the cheap seats and expound on it... if you're using text for products on your website that you got from the manufacturer of that product / those products, then you need to change it. It's probably what everyone else is using and that means that your website does not get credit for that content. You might even be discounted in the rankings because you're using that text. Rewrite it... like, now. Hire a writer or whatever. Rewrite every word of it and add more content (more value) to it. You'll thank me.

Spread the Word!

Don't forget to have social bookmarking links on your content. Be sure to add links (1-2) in each article, too. Link to other pages on your website or other authority websites (hint: having a link to Wikipedia on your website helps with SEO).

Now get writing! 🙂

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