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How a Website is Made Matters

How Was Your Website Made?

Something I've realized for a while is that there's a difference in how websites are made. Working here at Webstix, you sort of get blind to what's happening out there sometimes but we'll meet with new clients and look at their current websites and they seem alright (some problems) but once we get access to see more about how they're set up, we see lots of problems.

There's one project we're working on where we've done a bit of quick things for them and then they wanted us to take a deeper look into their website. This is normal - we get a good number of clients through our Website Maintenance Department and they really like how we operate, so they ask for more work or sometimes a redesign or other website project. We took a deeper look and found that it'll take 30 hours of work to fix the numerous things on their website to get the website up to standards.

When you get a website created, it'll take someone who works to standards and someone who does not about the same amount of time. They might even charge you the same amount. The results are drastically different, though.

If you want an idea of what we're talking about, you can run your website through a validator or some other tools. We've created an e-book with a list of some things we look for. What's great is that if you get these things fixed, you typically see a boost in website rankings and traffic. Why? Well, if you take two websites that are equal in content and inbound links, etc. and one is set up better, Google is going to serve that website up higher because it's the better result - more quality.

Go ahead and download the book and then contact us if you want to make sure your website is up to par.


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