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How Does Website Maintenance Work?

Working on laptop computerHere's a review of how our website maintenance system works.

A Simple Website Maintenance Plan

We sell web maintenance in what we call Maintenance Blocks. One "block" is a half hour of time. We'll basically do whatever you need done during that time and charge 1 block for a 1/2 hour or less of work. Some work takes just 1 block while other work could take 3-6 blocks and so on.

When you pre-pay for our time using Maintenance Blocks, you also get a discount. The more blocks you buy, the greater the discount.

We keep track of your blocks on a page that looks a little like a ledger. It shows your balance and then any deposits or withdrawals. Before we do any work, we confirm with you what we will do and how many blocks it will use. Once we get your approval, we do the work.

That's it, really. We can do lots of different work.

Here's an example of a website maintenance request that we might get:

Ticket #0001: Website Update Work

- Please update this page: https://www.yourdomain.com/about-us.html with this text after the last paragraph:

"To get more information about our services, please be sure to call or email us today!"

Link the words "email us" to our Contact Us page: https://www.yourdomain.com/contact-us.html

- On the home page: https://www.yourdomain.com/ please replace the main image with the attached image. It may need to be resized.

- Attached is text for a new page. Please call it "Our Services" and then set up a link at the bottom of every page to this new page.

- I authorize up to 2 Maintenance Blocks for this work. If it would take longer, then please let me know before you proceed.

Here are some tips on using our website maintenance:

  • Be specific when telling us what you want done so that we don't have to guess or have to come back and ask:
    • Include a URL (web page address) so that we're all on the same page.
    • Reference specific text so that we're not guessing what you mean. It's really easy to just copy and paste from the page you're talking about into the new maintenance request.
    • Include all images and text with your ticket / email to us. If we get it all at once, it's easier to give you a quote on the work. Make sure they are attached.
  • Make sure things like your FTP login or administrator passwords work.
  • Specify how much time we are authorized to use. This will speed things up.
  • Have enough Maintenance Blocks in your account so that we don't have to wait for them to first be purchased.

We Give a Time Frame

We can have most web maintenance work done within 24-48 hours. We have staff that works during the night, so if we get a request that gives us all we need, we can often turn those requests around overnight. Yes - overnight!

We don't believe that you should have to wait weeks for some website maintenance work to get done. Our goal is to complete it as soon as possible. We have a team that's dedicated to just doing maintenance. This means we do not have to find freelancers or pull people off of projects to do maintenance work. We have people waiting to do this work for you - right now.

We Have LOTS of Satisfied Clients

What we hear all the time are comments about how we responded to them quickly and got the work done on time. Honestly, we don't understand how it could take other website companies so long to get things done. If we don't get it right the first time, let us know and if it's our fault, then we'll fix it for free (please be as specific as you can when submitting a request).

Website Maintenance Services

Give us a try. Purchase a 6-Pack of Maintenance Blocks and give us some work to do. Any unused blocks will be kept in your account for future use. It's that simple!


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