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How Often Should You Update Your Website Design?

How About a Website Redesign? Is it Time?

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When we talk to clients - either after a website launch or sometimes new clients, they wonder how often they need to do a website redesign. In general, every 3-4 years is typically when most companies choose to redesign their website but there are other factors to consider.

Has Your Company Changed?

Maybe the information on your website is outdated or you may have simply outgrown your current website if you've made a lot of changes at your business.

A new logo is definitely a reason to update your website's design. Branding is important and to do it right, your brand needs to be consistent.

Think about which products are services are your "bread and butter" or which ones you want to sell more of. Are they highlighted enough on your website? We've even had some clients with an e-commerce website that insisted the don't come across as an e-commerce website but then later change their mind even we originally suggested they show products for sale on their home page. They wish they would have listened to us in the first place. Maybe it's time to make a change to sell more products or services.

Is the Design Old?

There are shifts that take place in design and design trends - things like responsive website design and flat design. Your current website might have been made right before these trends caught on and your site looks old. In order to make sure your company doesn't look outdated, you should redesign your website.

And if you're not using responsive design yet, you need to redesign your website immediately... there's no doubt about that.

Is Your Current Website Too Slow?

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Load time / speed is super important today. Google looks at website speed and ranks your website accordingly. Google wants to deliver the best results and that includes websites that load quickly.

Today, we shoot for 2 seconds or less of load time. We often hit 1 second or less. If people have to wait too long to see your website, they'll simply move on to the next result and "bounce" off of your website... never to return!

Sometimes we can take an existing website and do things to speed it up but if the design is too old, then it's much better to do a redesign. This is one area you can definitely see almost an instant return on investment. Your website traffic will convert into sales and leads much better if it's designed the right way.

The tools and code libraries we use change often. They keep getting better and better. That means we're able to build websites that load faster and faster now. If your website is 2-3 years old, it might be worth seeing if we can help you speed it up or even do a website redesign.

You're Sick of It

One more reason companies choose to redesign their website is because they're just sick of looking at the same design.

Although this happens, realize that this is your view or your website, not your target audience's view of it. You look at it all the time and they probably don't. It's much easier for you to get sick or your website simply because you're looking at it so much. We have had clients do redesigns for this reason (which is fine - we won't stop you), it's important to remember that this is a factor.

Set Up More Landing Pages or Home Page

If your current website design isn't delivering leads or sales, then that's usually a sign that you need a redesign.

Building a website that has more compelling calls to action can help you convert more of the website traffic you already have. Maybe your current website just isn't doing well. That's like having an employee that just isn't good at their job. You need to get someone better in that place that does a better job, right?

A new website that does a better job can take the website traffic you already have and get more leads and sales from it. This kind of thing happens all the time!

Maybe Your Website Can Do More!

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Along with ways to make your website load faster, there are a lot of great ways to integrate your website into your business.

Here's one clue to know if you should do website integration or not... do any of your staff spend too much of their day or week copying and pasting something from the website into your legacy system? If so, then it's definitely time to look at integration. You'll save money instantly by eliminating all the copying and pasting.

How good are you at following up on leads from your website? Do you have a system?

If not, how about using an easy and affordable CRM (customer relationship management) tool? We can help with that. Using a CRM will help make sure you convert more leads into sales by keeping you and your sales team on task. All the advertising you do is your hard earned money being spent to get those leads. It only makes sense you have a system in place to help convert more of those leads into sales. This is where a CRM comes in. Let us help you set this up!

So Is It Time to Redesign Your Website?

If any of the reasons here are true for you, then it's time to consider doing a website redesign. You're under no obligation when you contact Webstix. We'll talk with you and let you know what we think... and maybe there are some tweaks we can do with your current website to help you get by with it for a while. Not all our projects are brand new websites or complete redesigns... no way.

The first step is to contact us and let's talk. We'll be happy to give you our thoughts and even a quote. We help businesses in Southern Wisconsin, all around the United States, and even the world. We have many clients we've never even met face-to-face.

Let's talk and see if a website redesign is the best move!


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