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How to Increase Sales with Your E-Commerce Website

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You've invested in an e-commerce website to sell your products.

You've done the right things like:

  • use original text
  • use good page titles that are compelling/engaging
  • great product images that are professionally shot
  • you've even get good traffic to your website

So why are you not getting the amount of sales you want?

A few things come to mind and that is what we'll cover in this article. Let's give you some more ways to increase sales on your e-commerce website.

Does It Load Quickly?

Perfect Google PageSpeed score of 100Page speed and load time is what Google is looking at. How your website loads on a mobile device is very important when it comes to on-site SEO. Your on-site SEO are the more technical aspects of SEO and the great thing is, all of these items are within your control. In essence, you get to control a lot about how your website ranks on Google if you ace things like how quickly your website loads.

There are other factors as well, but speed is a big one. Most websites aren't coded well and suffer from slow load speeds. Other websites have extra things like online chat or other "extras" loading when they shouldn't, so optimizing a web page for speed is something to have experts like Webstix look at for you.

Here are 10 ways to make your website load more quickly:

  1. Make sure images are optimized
  2. Get fast website hosting
  3. Use a CDN like CloudFlare to help deliver pages faster
  4. Minify JavaScript and CSS files
  5. Use server caching
  6. Use browser caching
  7. Use GZIP compression
  8. Make sure your website software is up to date
  9. Get rid of any plugins you don't need
  10. Use a more minimal theme for your website

Your website needs to be lean and mean. Very often, we're finding, the design (theme) of your website needs to be re-coded in order to be optimized and run faster. Getting experts like Webstix working on it can make a big difference with speed.

Is the Product Content Original?

This is a tough one but it's easily solved.

It's tough because if you're selling products you don't make, your web developer might have just copied the same description that the manufacturer has on their website. If so, then others did as well and this makes the content you have not too special. If you're the manufacturer of the product, you face a similar issue because others selling your product might have done the same thing and copied the same text.

Either way, you want to make sure your content (text and images) is original. You can check this at a website like Copyscape.

Do You Give the Right Amount of Information?

Think about Amazon. You've been there, right? They're the king, right?

People go to Amazon for a few reasons. They go for the good selection (variety) of products, the easy shipping, and for the reviews. There are tons of reviews on Amazon! Have you done that yet?

Most store owners don't have reviews on their products because they simply haven't asked for them. Go to the people that bought your products and ask them for reviews. You'll get a good amount of people sending them in. If your website doesn't have an easy way to get and post reviews, then do it manually - via email or even by phone call.

Awesome content... matters.

With good, original descriptions, with professionally shot images, with getting reviews, and with doing video, it's work you do once that continues to pay off - well into the future.

Let that sink in a minute.

Do that work once and it keeps paying off!

How much do you pay for over and over again? I'm talking things like employees' time, the electric bill, postage, and so on. You really only get one use for those things - what is referred to as a liability... something you pay out. When you instead invest in work that keeps paying you over and over again, that's an asset!

Video CameraWhat about video?

Are you using videos to show your products? Did you know that up to 85% of customers are more likely to buy a product after watching a product video?

Using video to demonstrate or explain your products could be exactly what you need. More of a connection is made to you, your company, and the product. When there's more of a connection, desire can increase. Video just works.

Video can range from good to bad and it's honestly not too difficult to shoot a video today but you must plan it well. Write scripts. Get professional voice over people to read it and make it sound good. Use good shots with good lighting.

All your product content matters.

Use original copy, get a good copywriter, and develop your content on purpose.

Set up each product page on purpose. Spend time investing in that page because it's your salesperson - but it's your salesperson that doesn't call in sick or quit or leave. It keeps working for you, over and over - and you just pay for it once.

You can then spend more time optimizing it later. Do some testing. See which headlines work better, which layout works the best, and so on.

What About for Selling Services Instead of Products?

Here's a website content hack...

If you're selling services on your website, then consider holding some information back.

Yes, don't say everything about your service. This works well.

This way, people viewing your website have to call or contact you to find out more. While you're on the phone with them, you get to sell them. This is a much better way to sell services than list absolutely everything on your website because people just read it and move on. If you can get them to call you, then you can do some person-to-person selling.

Just because you can put great content on the web doesn't mean you always should. Holding some information back is an overlooked strategy today.

Quality control sealEvaluate Your Check Out Process

Are people having trouble using your website? Do you even know?

There could be one part of your check out process where people get tripped up and leave and you might not even know it. Getting that one thing fixed (which could be a simple fix) can dramatically increase your sales without having to get more traffic or do anything different.

The thing is, if you're not looking at your check out process or testing it, you'll never know.

If you're not sure how to do this, get some help!

Are You Using Microdata and AMP?

With microdata, you esssentially tag bits of information so that it's useful for search engines to grab and use how they want. If they know a product image is a product image or a price is a price, then your products can start showing up in product results on some search engines.

And Google's AMP is a way for Google to show a very minimalist version of your website as a preview on mobile devices. AMP really makes your website load more quickly and should be used on appropriate pages.

Google "G" logoHave You Checked "the Google?"

Check Google Search Console for Errors

And have you found and fixed those errors?

Google is giving you, as a website owner, a back channel where they tell you what they found that needs to be fixed. Are you ignoring that or are you fixing those things? Or maybe you don't even know to do this!

It's time to dig into these issues and get them taken care of to get back on Google's good side. Your competition's doing it and you need to as well.

The Bottom Line

Really, there's a lot of technical bits and pieces that need to be looked at and evaluated with e-commerce websites if they are to work well and produce results. If e-commerce is a major part of your business (or even a significant part) and you're not constantly working on improving your website, you're actually losing ground!

If it's time to finally gain some ground when it comes to selling your products and services online, then let's talk. Again, changes could range from just doing some tweaks to maybe a full redesign but we first have to take a look. Once you know, you can make some decisions but to get that ball rolling, let's start a conversation.

We've helped small e-commerce websites and large ones. We've even streamlined shipping to save money on the labor side of things. There are technical aspects and logistical aspects we can look at. If you're game, we'll be happy to talk!

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