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Keep Calm and Call Webstix

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Keep Calm and Call WebstixIn the last week or so, I've received calls from a few clients in a panic. Within a few seconds, I was able to calm them down, letting them know we'll take care of them.

The first guy was upset about his hosting he had with another company and his previous developer. He apparently just talked to them and then called Webstix since he was pretty fired up. I just let him talk and get it out and then explained what needed to be done to quell the situation. Right then, he calmed down and felt relief.

The second one was from a client where we did some work and there was some miscommunication and we didn't quite do the work as she wanted. Although we do our best to avoid that and have systems in place to help prevent it, sometimes that can happen - as with about anything. I gave her a call and her just hearing from us calmed her down and the situation was fine.

Communication is Important at Webstix

We've been in business over 15 years now and we've learned a few things about communication.

We found out that our industry (website design) has a bad reputation for communicating. Clients tell us they give a call to their web developer or send an email and then don't hear back for days or weeks. We really don't understand that and that's not how we work. We have systems in place to track issues and we return phone calls. It's in our nature and we realize that since our industry seems to have a terrible reputation for communicating, we have to work extra hard at it.

We like happy clients. Keeping them happy takes some extra work but it's so worth it. Our team follows strict rules about sending communication to our clients often - before they have to ask about what's going on. We'd rather error on the side of sending too much information to the point of bugging our clients (just a little bit) rather then have them wonder what's going on or wonder if we skipped town with their money. 🙂

Ready for Something Different? Call Webstix!

If you're ready to be treated well and have a great experience with your website project, then give Webstix a try. We have lots of clients telling us how we've done a good job for them and we'd like to add you to the list.

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